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Make Easy Envelopes Any Size

Need to make some envelopes? Do you have some homemade cards that need something to be popped into? I love making homemade cards, large and small and have just found it easier to make my own envelopes rather than trying to find something that will fit.

I am an impatient woman so, as most of my crafts, these are fast and easy to do. The thing that I like the most is that I can use any colour of paper to make my envelopes and have even used left over scrap booking paper, gift wrap and even constructions paper.

Make Easy Envelopes Any Size - Tutorial

Cut out a piece of card (like from a cereal box or cracker box) that is 1/4 in taller and wider than your card. Draw a line down the middle of this card template. Taking your paper you are going to draw a line down the diagonal of the paper from the corner and place your card template on the line just down a bit so there is about 1/8 to a 1/4 inch between the corner of the card template and the edge of the paper.

Cut out our paper in a square (or it might be a rectangle) so the card template has the same 1/8 to 1/4 inch spacing from all corners. (If you are making a very large envelope you might have to use a piece of oversized paper, such as drawing paper.)

Fold up the bottom, then each side and then fold down the top over the card template, remove the template and refold so the fold are crisp.

Cut out little notches from each corner as shown.

Place the card template back in the middle of the envelope and fold up the bottom, and glue the sides to the bottom fold. Tada! Your done. 

If you are making several envelopes the same size then make the first as a template that you can measure out and use those dimensions to cut out all your paper.

Once you have figured out how to make your first one, the rest go very, very quickly. I will often make little cards for gifts that use the same wrapping paper as the gift. I just glue the wrapping paper on a fold piece of card stock. I will make an envelope using one of the bright colours of the card or in a complimentary colour so it really stands out on the gift.

This is a little stationery set that I made for myself a few years back. I glued old maps to card stock to make little note cards and made envelopes in light and medium blue. I added some small sheets of writing paper and some store bought letter sized envelopes.  This was very handy to have on my desk to write quick notes to neighbors, friends and teachers.

Make easy envelopes any size for any card that your make!

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