Make Christmas Potpourri

Make Christmas Potpourri for yourself, family and friends.

Every holiday season the stores start filling up with the traditional bits and pieces that can make homes feel more Christmasy. One of these things is the winter potpourri which generally is a cellophane bag of pine cones that are scented with cinnamon or other fragrances. 

These are suppose to smell wonderful but many are made with very cheap products while charging you ridiculous amounts of money.

Having your home smell fabulous is one of the joys of Christmas. To make your own potpourri is easy and inexpensive.

Here is my recipe for my Christmas Potpourri that I not only place out every year but give to family and friends as gifts.

How To Make Christmas Potpourri

Real potpourri takes a little time to make and starts with natural botanicals (flowers, leaves, fruit, spices, herbs, etc.) dried or semi dried and fixed with an additive like orris root. What they sell in the stores is cheap and easy for them to produce- they spray a chemical scent on something and call it a potpourri. 

When making your own  potpourri you will have to buy an essential oil (which should be 100 percent natural botanic) from a health food store or refresher oils from craft stores.

Essential oils tend to be from a single botanical, so if you buy pine botanical it will be strictly pine and smell just like pine. Refresher oils are not always 100 percent natural but they will have a range of scents so you will be able to buy an orange pomander mix or a cinnamon flower mix or what ever they might have that you like.

The essential oils can cost any where from $4 to $40 for 1/2 an ounce depending on what you want but something like pine would be about the $4 or $5 range.

 If you want your potpourri to be all natural then only use the 100% natural essential oils.

Orris root is an important ingredient in potpourris as it "fixes" the scent, meaning it keeps the scent going to it will not disappear.

Make Christmas Potpourri Recipe

Here is the recipe that I use to make my home smell gorgeous through out the holidays.

  • 10 Tablespoons Ground Cinnamon
  • 10 Tablespoons Orris-root
  • 30 Drops Pine Essence Oil
  • 30 Drops Secondary Scented Oil (I use rose and some years orange) 

Mix together. 

  • 5 cups Cedar shavings
  • 5 cups pine needles
  • small pine cones
  • medium pine cones

As the pine cones are just decorative you can decide how much you want to use. I place the cedar shavings, pine needles and pine cones in a large paper bag and sprinkle the pot pourri mixture on top, close the bag and give it a good shake. I leave everything in the bag for a week to let all the scents meld together as I give it a shake every day. Then I pour it into bowls that I leave around the house.

If you are making the potpourri for gifts then use cellophane bags and for each bag put in,

  • 10 small pine cones
  • 15 medium pine cones
  • 1/2 cup cedar shavings
  • 1/2 cup pine needles

And add 2 Tablespoons of the pot pourri mixture to each bag. Let this rest for a week before giving out as gifts.

Top it with a pretty ribbon and you have a home made potpourri that you can give as gifts that will rival what they are selling in stores. Make Christmas Potpourri that is both easy and beautiful.

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