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Make a Tea Towel Chef Apron

Make a Tea Towel Chef Apron easy peasy! 

Tea towels often go on sale, and I often see them when I am traveling,  and it is a pity just to use the great colors and patterns that they come in just for mopping up. 

This apron was made with two 99 cent tea towels I picked up at the Cambridge Towel Outlet Sale.  Tea towels are meant to be used and abused and washed over and over again which makes them the perfect fabric to sew up a chef's apron. With a good tea towel the colours won't fade and the fabric won't stretch no matter how many times you wash it.

These can also be made up quickly as gifts for the cooks, barbecuers (is that a word?) and bakers in your life.

Make a Tea Towel Chef Apron Tutorial

Print off the two PDFs for the pattern.

Make a Tea Towel Chef Apron Pattern part 1.pdf

Make a Tea Towel Chef Apron Pattern part 2.pdf

You will be laying part 2 behind part one so the curved line is extended, line them up and then tape the two patterns together. 

Cut the pattern.

Taking two identical dish towels that are approximately 27 1/2 inches by 18 1/2  inches. 

Cut  6 inches off the bottoms so they are both 21 1/2 inches long. Save the cut pieces.

Fold one towel in half vertically and on the finished top edge place the pattern.  

Cut the towel.

You are going to finish this cut edge by folding it back once about an 1/2 inch, ironing it, and then folding it back a second time and ironing it. (My ironing board has a polka dot cover).

Sew the edge of this curve to finish it. 

Fold the bottom hem of this piece up 1/2 inch and sew. (You are folding the hem towards the front it will be hidden by the next piece).

Fold the bottom hem of the second dishtowel twice to the back and sew a hem.

Place the top of the apron down with the lower part of the apron on top of it, overlapping 6 1/2 inches.

Line them up so that the patterns match and the sides are even.

Use sewing pins to pin them together so it does not shift while you are sewing.

Sew the two pieces together at the sides.

Sew across the bottom of the back piece to make a pocket.

 Flip it over to the front and sew down the middle of the front of the pocket to make two pockets.

Taking the bottom cut pieces measure out and cut them into 2 1/4 inch strips.(I un-picked the hems of these pieces so I would have enough fabric.)

Sew 2 of these strips into ties. Start by folding the strip in half and sewing a tube with a 1/4 inch hem.

Turn the tube inside out by using a large safety pins, pinning the very end and drawing the safety pin through the tube.

Press the ties and sew along each edge. Make two of these ties

Attach the ties to the top corner of the apron. I sewed a square to reinforce it.

Join two of the strips together, you will have to cut off the hem edge to do so. Fold, sew, turn inside out and sew along each edge. 

So the same with the remaining two strips, these will be you waist ties.

Attach the waist ties to the side of the apron. I also sewed a box to reinforce the side ties.

This is an easy sewing project that is quick to do. You will be looking at tea towels with a different eye from now on, judging which ones would make amazing aprons!

Make up a bunch of them to have on hand! Happy sewing!

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