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How I Make A Flower Arch

I thought to make a flower arch would be difficult, but its not! I have been wanting to make a flower arch for sometime. I always thought it would look great for over the front door in the spring and I am quite pleased with the way that it turned out. 

Surprisingly, it was very simple to make. It took me about 4 hours, but that was partially because I was trying to figure out how to do it and that I was only using materials that I had around the house (because we were self isolating) so I had to be very careful with the flowers that I was using.

The artificial flowers came from a variety of sources but mostly from garage sales. I am always picking up artificial flowers that are of good quality but in horrible arrangements because I know I am going to pull apart the arrangement and use the flowers for something else, be it another arrangement, a swag or a gift topper. 

It is easy to buy artificial flowers on-line or at dollar stores.

This little arrangement of odds and ends I put out in January when I am tired of all the bright reds and greens of the previous season. 

While I prefer to have fresh flowers in the house having small faux arrangements brightens up a space.

How to Make a Flower Arch

The arch begins with a i-beam curtain track(which I have a very blurry picture of).

This is the type of curtain rod where you use 2 wheel carriers. The track is strong but pliable which makes it easy to bend into an arch shape.

I measured out the distance of the brick arch above the door to get the length of the flower arch I wanted and then to be on the safe side cut the curtain track a few inches longer than that, tried it out, and then cut a few more inches off.

To get the track in place I jammed it between two bricks on either side of the door way. It is the tension of the curve of the track that keeps it in place.  

When the flower arch was finished I used florist wire secure it to the underside of the porch ceiling.

You are going to have to figure out somehow to add more stability to the beam by holding it in place at a few other points.  I thought that I might have to drill a few screws into the brickwork and attach more wire to the arch to keep it steady but I didn't need to.

The construction of the flower arch is very easy. Pull out all the flowers you are going to use and lay out a pattern. I used about 80 flowers in this arch. I wanted a focal point in the middle top so I decided on red flowers there. I tried to space large pink peony flowers every 12 inches or so. The flowers in between were a mix without any pattern. 

Starting in the middle of the arch, wire your focal point flowers together around their stems using florist wire and continue by wrapping them tight to the track.  

In some cases you might want to cut down the stem if it is very long but you need enough to wire it onto the track. Cut the wire with wire cutters.

When you have finished the first bunch make another and add that one the same way. And continue.

I wasn't particularly neat when I was wiring the flowers on since I knew the next bunch of flowers would hide any mess I was making.

When getting to the end of the arch I turned the bunch of flowers around with the stems towards the center of the arch and wired it on. I have to wire a few short stemmed flowers to hide any gaps.

I then did the same on the other side. I still had a few gaps and I wanted some of the flowers to hang down more do I used my glue gun to glue them to the flowers, not the metal arch, as the flowers are more porous and the glue sticks to it better.

I decided that I wanted the flower arch to continue down the wall a bit on either side.

I wired a bunch of flowers together and using the stem of the thickest flower I bent that into a hook and just hooked it over the arch after I had secured the arch in place.

The arch is delightful and puts a smile on my face every time I enter the house!

I was so eager to put the arch and matching flower arrangement outside for early spring that I might have been a bit too early. The day after I did all the decorations it snowed....sigh. But that's what it's like in a Canadian spring. You never know what the weather is going to be day to day.

You can make a flower arch for any type of occasion, wedding, graduation or birthday party. I wanted to make something right now that would make people smile when they saw the house.

How To Make A Flower Arch

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