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Make a Faux Chocolate Easter Rabbit

Make a Faux Chocolate Easter Rabbit for your Easter decorations! Or make a bevvy of them!

While chocolate bunnies look great at Easter I really don't want to be spending money on chocolate that I don't want to eat. Cheap grocery store chocolate bunnies only cost a few dollars but I don't need the extra pounds. Bunnies from fancy Chocolate stores taste amazing but again....I don't need the extra pounds.

In our family now the the kids are grown up we treat ourselves at Easter with a box of high end chocolate that comes from a wonderful small town Chocolatier where everything is hand made. The indulgence is wonderful and we can pace ourselves by just nibbling on a little bit.

Make a Faux Chocolate Easter Rabbit Tutorial

How to make your quick and easy faux chocolate rabbit.

I picked up this rather ugly fellow at a garage sale for 75ยข. Since he was about 12 inches high he was perfect for my Easter display but I wanted to spruce him up a bit first.

I have seen the suggestion that you use spray paint to paint your ceramic bunnies but I find that is too much effort and cost for what you are trying to achieve.  A small bottle of acrylic paint in a chocolate brown color and a brush is all I used.

I don't worry about the bunny not being glossy after I paint it because I think it looks more realistic when it is a mat finish.

With a small brush that can get into all the crevices and details, just paint your ceramic bunny brown! I did two coats, letting it dry in between and then did a third touch up coat on some small spots.

Tada! It's finished! 

If you can find a bunny that is pushing a wheel barrel then you can use him as a container for your Easter table. Look at different rabbit statues and containers that you can find at garage sales and thrift stores and try to imagine what they would look like in chocolate. This bunny cost me 25 cents and is a charming addition to my Easter display.

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