Inexpensive Snack Gift Basket

That Looks Posh and Pricey

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Inexpensive Snack Gift Basket that looks posh but isn't pricey will become one of your favorite WOW gifts to give!

The presentation makes it look that you spent a lot of money but by shopping wisely and doing the work yourself it is actually a very inexpensive gift basket to make up.

When I worked as a florist this was the type of design that we were always perfecting, something that could be made up quickly, with fun ingredients, that looked great and didn't cost of a lot of money!

The best part of this gift basket is that you can customize it for very specific tastes!

This is really great when you are giving it to someone that has food allergies, they will always appreciate the effort that you went through to make sure that they stayed safe. 

Inexpensive Snack Gift Basket Tutorial

I made this in a wire basket that I had from another project. I wanted to show that even if your container was not solid you could still use it. I lined the basket with cellophane wrap and then bunch up cellophane and added white and gold shred to it.  This is so the snacks would sit higher in the basket and look more full.

I bought a variety of snacks from the bulk food store. Using freezer bags, because I wanted to use a larger size plastic food safe bag, I filled up the bags.

I closed the bags with white twist ties and then covered the twist ties with gold colored curling ribbon.

Here are the four varieties of snacks that I put in the freezer bags, including onion snacks, corn snacks, mixed snacks and flavored popcorn. You can use what's on sale or you could just make home made popcorn that you have flavored with different flavorings.

I bought a variety of candies as well. These I put into snack bags.

I used 17 of these little candy bags, you can use more or less depending on how full you want the gift basket to look.

I cut cellophane longer on each side of the snack bag.

I rolled the snack bags in cellophane and tape them closed.

Adding gold curling ribbon on each end of the candy bags finished them nicely.

Place the large snack bags into the container first.

Add the candy bags

When covering a gift basket with cellophane wrap you place the basket on the wrap. You want enough wrap that you can pull it up from the back and front and be about 8 inches above the gift basket. With one hand holding the wrap, use the other to start gathering on one side, then the other hand to gather on the other side.

When it is in the middle tie with a long twist tie and then cover that with gold curling ribbon.

I added a gold ornament to the curling ribbon to pull in all the colors of gold that I had used in the basket.

A big beautiful inexpensive snack gift basket that will be a delightful present to receive!

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