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Inexpensive Romantic Gifts

Great inexpensive (but not cheap looking) romantic gift ideas.

Inexpensive Romantic Gifts that are not cheap can be a bit hard to find. Here is my on-going list of great ideas that won't cost you a fortune.

Whether you are looking for something to gift for a wedding, an anniversary, special moment or just because, these romantic gifts are sure to please. From simple and fun to more sophisticated there is a range of inexpensive gifts here. Check my Greeting Cards for the perfect printable card.

Most of these gifts are easy to pull together and just need a few supplies but they pack a lot of punch. When money is tight there are still ways of showing someone how much you care with a simple gift.

Inexpensive Romantic Gifts

Chocolate is the food for the romantic! It doesn't matter if you buy it at the corner store or the best chocolate house in town, it has to look beautiful. Here are some chocolate ideas for inexpensive romantic gifts.

One big bar of chocolate wrapped up simply can look great. Plain white wrapping paper with a pink ribbon and gold seal is all that it takes. Great if you have to pack this up as there is no bow to get crushed. For a guy just change the ribbon color.

You can take any beautiful box to a chocolate shop and ask them to fill it up, you don't have to use the boxes that they have on hand. The gift is both the box and the chocolates. 

What could be more romantic than chocolate and strawberries. Make Easy Inexpensive Chocolate Covered Strawberries as a romantic treat. These can cost $35 or more if you where to buy them on-line and are very pricey at fine food stores. I show you the tips and tricks you need to make these easily.

If they are trying to avoid having too much chocolate because of health reasons then why not a a luscious tray of fruit with one word written out in chocolate on top. Writing With Chocolate is a cheap and easy way to really bring up the WOW factor.  Write out Love or even their name with this super easy tutorial.

A box of chocolates is old fashioned and sweet and you can pick them up from grocery stores and other places for less than $2o. Take off any tacky labeling and you could even slip a romantic note inside.

If healthy is the way to go then why not hit the bulk food section and pick up a few healthy treats for them. Placed in freezer bags and with the twist tie to the back, four of these treats fit in this box bought from a party supply store. Great idea for inexpensive romantic gifts. To learn how to make this great bow go HERE

While a dozen roses is the standard romantic  gift, it can be pricey. One rose is much less expensive and is just as romantic. You don't have to do with roses. Learn what the Longest Lasting Inexpensive Cut Flowers are before you go out and buy any blooms! Great tip to know to make sure that your flowers are enjoyed for a long time. 

You can find small pots of roses at grocery store florists for less than $5. You could give them the pot of roses as is or....

Snipe of the small roses and place them in tiny vases. This looks amazing at a meal, be it breakfast, brunch or dinner. I used the base of an empty perfume bottle as my vase.

Potted plants in vibrant reds or pure whites make great gifts often for under $10. If roses really are not their thing then consider getting a fabulous Amaryllis like this vibrant red one or any of the potted lilies they sell in white.

Not all romantic jewelry needs to be diamonds. The knot is another symbol of love and you can find knot jewelry like the ring above, in silver. Be it a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a ring or cuff links, the knot jewelry symbolizes an unbreakable bond. These make great and appropriate inexpensive romantic gifts.

Finally the The Cupid Candy Arrow is a cute way of telling someone that your heart has been struck by love. Fast, easy and inexpensive to make it looks adorable and can be a sweet easy gift that you can slip into an unexpected place for them to find. These are appropriate for both the adults and children in your life.

Romantic gifts are always more about the sentiment and effort that you put in that the cost.

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