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Inexpensive Luxury

Ahh luxury.The feeling of well being, satisfying luxury. Does anything feel better?

Well perhaps the inexpensive luxuries in life, the things that don't take up a ton of money but make you feel like they do! Real luxury is about enjoying all the small details of your life, how they physically feel and how they make you feel mentally!

What are the luxuries in life that you really enjoy?Are you a foodie that thinks fine dining is the greatest way to enjoy life or would just having a amazing cup of coffee each morning be the perfect luxury for you.

Do textures in clothes, sheets and towels make you feel luxurious or would you rather spend your time soaking in a bubble bath. You need to choose the little luxuries in your life that make you feel fabulous!

How comfy is your bedroom? I mean deliciously, wonderfully comfy? A good mattress is worth it's weight in gold but if it's going to be a while until you can afford a new mattress then why not buy a Mattress Topper ?

Everyone has a preference in sheets, some liking smooth and soft and others, like me, preferring crisp and sturdy (like falling asleep in the arms of a man wearing a fine white shirt). What is your preference?  You spend 1/3 and more of your life in bed so make it luxurious!

My luxury is an affordable one of 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets, always in white, as it reminds me of the high end hotels I have stayed at around the world. What kind of pillows do you like? I realized that both my husband and I just prefer generic firm pillows, nothing special.

But my luxury is my two, 26x26 inch European Down Feather Pillow, one for me and one for my sweetie.These are fabulous for when we are reading in bed.

I adore having flowers on my bedside table, either from my garden or from the grocery store. I have a collection of vases and the smaller ones are perfect for a few blooms. I also have photos which make me happy and a small decorative container to keep a few things organized.

Inexpensive luxury for bathrooms is a way to pamper yourself to the very soul. It's in the bathroom that we can really relax, and with just a few of these cheap luxuries you will feel like a million.

No matter how tight money is there are many little things you can do to give your life luxury.Have a hook for your bathrobe in a convenient spot. Or even several hooks in convenient spots.

Sometimes the definition of luxury is convenience, if you have to run across the bathroom floor dripping wet from the shower it does not make for a very luxurious experience. 

Having your bathrobe ready when you step out makes a great start to the day and an easy inexpensive luxury.

Indulge in a great shower head and turn your ho-hum shower into an lovely experience. 

They are simple to attach to your shower and make a world of difference to how your shower will feels. A luxury that you will enjoy everyday. 

Have some place beautiful to get ready and put on your make up.

Why have ugly bottles and boxes on your counter when you can easily swap them out for beautiful items. Vintage glass is cheap at thrift stores and looks beautiful when grouped together.

Simplifying your life could be the answer for you to enjoy the inexpensive luxury that is around you.

Choose the clothes (and any accessories or jewelry) that you are going to wear the night before, even if you are going to be at home all day. What ever situation that you are in, be it work in an office or working at home, it will be one less decision that you have to make in the morning so you will be able to enjoy other things.

If you love clothes and they are one of your luxuries then choosing your outfits the night before can be a lot of fun.

This simplification might be what you need in the rest of your home. You can have less things of better quality, so instead of having 10 chipped mugs find 6 good quality ones and dump the broken ones.

Sometimes you can't find your "nice stuff" because you are holding onto things "that you might need someday" and anyone would find it hard to feel luxurious in that type of atmosphere.

Is your breakfast a quick cup of so-so coffee and eating toast over the sink? While you might not have time every morning to have a fabulous breakfast you can, again, set out what you need the night before to have a glamorous breakfast. It doesn't have to be a big over the top breakfast, but the best quality of the things you enjoy, no matter how simple they might be.

Don't start filling up your life with money sucking distractions, like buying several cups of designer coffee a day, when what you really crave is a cappuccino machine in your own kitchen.

You can own a luxury car but if it is coated with dirt and filled with used tissues and discarded coffee cups you won't feel very luxurious when you are in it.

Inexpensive luxury is owning a car that you can afford, in a favorite color, that you keep sparkling clean and in excellent condition that you feel great driving.

Add some details like tossing on a pair of driving gloves, some stylish sunglasses and a fun location to drive to and you will get that luxury feeling. Inexpensive luxury can be as simple as that!

You need to find what you believe luxury to be.  While at first thought you might think dining out is luxurious, try to hone in exactly what part of the experience it is that you truly enjoy. Is it the food, the restaurants decor, the romance of the candlelight, the company, or the fact that you don't have to do the dishes at the end. 

Try to recreate the experience that you find most luxurious at home. If it is the food, start researching recipes, if it is the decor, study exactly what you like and try to find inexpensive items in thrift stores, Kijiji, Craigslist  or outlet stores to re-create it.

Candles are easy and cheap to buy, friends can be invited over and you can learn to tidy up as you cook so your kitchen is clean by the time dinner is ready and the dinner dishes can then either be placed in the dish washer or quickly wiped and left stacked to wash later.

You can live a life of inexpensive luxury on a budget by getting rid of money sucking distractions, some careful spending and some organization.

Are you mindlessly watching tedious television programs or surfing the internet when you could be using that time to pamper yourself? Sometimes to enjoy something you have to be a bit disciplined with yourself. You know that you love bubble baths but you find yourself night after night sprawled on the sofa. 

Or you could be researching that trip that you want to take and trying to find out the way to do it as luxury travel! Give yourself a good shake and get in the habit of getting yourself to make the effort to do the inexpensive luxury things that you enjoy.

When you really discover what it is that you want in luxury you will find that inexpensive luxury might be something that you already have in your life but are not taking advantage of!