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Inexpensive Liquidation Store Finds

Some of the best deals I have ever found came from inexpensive liquidation store bargains. 

Liquidation stores are places that buy stock from a variety of place that include stores and/or manufacturers that 

  • are going out of business
  • have had fire or water damage
  • have been overstocked
  • have products that no longer fits their image
  • have products that have been incorrectly packaged or labeled
  • that are seasonal products that they don't want to warehouse
  • are unsuitable to their selling area or the company just has not been able to sell
  • orders that have been cancelled by stores that the manufacturer needs to sell

There are a few chain stores of liquidators but most of them are family owned businesses and in my opinion I prefer the family owned stores, they just tend to be more diverse

The quality of the stores can vary from trying to mimic a department store with shelving, displays, feature items, or they might be a bare basic store with items piled in large cardboard boxes or set on the skids they were delivered on.

Inexpensive Liquidation Store


An inexpensive liquidation store is willing to sell almost anything that they feel they can make money on so you might find high end sports equipment next to scented candles. The selection can include 

  • school supplies
  • towels and bedding 
  • cleaning products
  • clothes
  • kitchenware
  • garden ornaments
  • seasonal decorations
  • games
  • books
  • electronics
  • some of the larger stores sell furniture & mattresses 

There will be no consistency of what they sell, there might be an aisle of fantastic photo frames one week but once they're sold that's it.

You never know what you might find in these places and the prices are regularly 30 to 50 percent off retail and it is not unusual to see 90% off but the problem is that you might walk out with a amazing deal on a golf club when you had walked in there looking to buy a mop.

How to find them.

A number of these place don't advertise but have websites and Facebook pages. Do a search in your town, even if they are on the outskirts they might pop up. Try a 411 search as well.

If you can't find any in your town then try your district, county and finally state or province. Call them up before you head out to see if they have any other stores that might be closer to you. Many mom and pop liquidators don't spend a lot of time updating their information and rely still on word of mouth.

I treat them like a department store and they are my go to place when looking for almost anything. I head to an inexpensive liquidator store first before I head out to the mall or specialty shops. I might not find what I was looking for but a lot of times I do.

I have found beautiful crystal vases that I give as housewarming gifts, 100% cotton linens, and name brand kitchen ware.

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