Inexpensive Gift Basket Christmas Candy

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An Inexpensive Gift Basket Christmas Candy for less than $10 and $5? Think it isn't possible? Oh yes it is!

When I worked as a florist and made up gift baskets this is exactly how we made our profits by offering great gift baskets that we made for small amounts of money. 

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Inexpensive Gift Basket Christmas Candy Tutorial

How I put this together was quite simple. The supplies for the first one came to about $10 and with that I was able to make more for a cheaper price. So if you are making several the cost on each one will average out to about $5.

To start you will need to buy

  • $1 glass tray from dollar store
  • $1 cellophane wrap from dollar store
  • $1 snack bags from dollar store
  • $1 curling ribbon from dollar store in red, gold or silver

Next you will be hitting the bulk food store and looking for the best prices on jelly beans, chocolates and other sweets.

I suggest you take a snack bag with you to judge how much you will be buying.  You will only be filling the snack bags about half way full.

At your local grocery store look for candies that are on sale. When I am doing several baskets I love to buy red licorice as I cut the licorice in half and it fits nicely into the snack bags. A 30 piece bag of licorice for 99 cents will fill 12 bags ( cut in half and 5 pieces in each bag).

You are going to be bundling up the candies and wrapping them in cellophane and then adding ribbon.

The complete instructions for the Candy Fillers are HERE.

This is a high end presentation that will take your basket to the next level.

These candy fillers are the base of your Inexpensive Gift Basket Christmas Candy and are what will be making the basket look full and fun.

In the bulk store grab a handful of small candy canes to add on top of the candy bundles.

Satin ribbon can be expensive if you are buying it from craft stores. I always get my ribbon from sewing supply stores and liquidation stores were I can buy it by the yard. Cost of the ribbon I used here was 56 cents for 1 yard. If you are unable to access a nice satin ribbon then you can top your gift basket with the curling ribbon that you bought. Tie several lengths of ribbon on the top and curl them all to get a full effect.

Place your finished candy basket on a sheet of cellophane wrap. You want enough cellophane that when it is pulled up in the front and back it will be about 8 inches higher than the top of the basket.

With on hand holding the cellophane use the other hand to gather it up starting on one side, when you reach the middle, gather it up on the other side with your other hand.  

I use curling ribbon to tie it off then use my finishing ribbon to tie the bow. Using one or two pieces of scotch tape, fold over the open sides and tape them down to the back.

The card that you top your gift basket with can be cut down Christmas card, which is what I did here, or you can print something off. I also love using my Enjoy Cards that are a free printable (available soon HERE).

Your Inexpensive Gift Basket Christmas Candy is simple to make and looks so much more expensive than it is!

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