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Inexpensive Gift Basket Beach Theme

Make a beach themed gift basket

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An Inexpensive Gift Basket Beach Theme is perfect for when you have been invited away to a beach house or cottage and want to show your appreciation.

While you can always add items that you know your hosts will love the main part of this gift basket is the large plastic tray that is in a bright color. Easy to find at dollar stores this is the base of your gift basket and is handy enough for your hosts to use latter.

I love using these trays when I am serving fruits, vegetables, cold cuts, cold nacho chips and a variety of other foods.

They are also very useful when you are just gathering things up from the table to take to the kitchen.

Putting Together Your Inexpensive Gift Basket Beach Themed

The basket above was a hostess gift   for a weekend at a summer home on a lake, there is a 

  • beach water toy for her 3 year old ($2.44 summer clearance) 
  • beach ball (88 cents)
  • water guns (3 for 99 cents) 
  • plastic drinking glasses ( 8 for $2 summer clearance)
  • 20 blow-pops (88 cents clearance)
  • mini rubber duck (25 cents) 
  • blue tray ($1.25 dollar store) 
  • transparent wrap ($1 dollar store)
  • curling ribbon from a previously bought roll ($1). 

The total (without tax) was 10.69 (it would be $9.69 if not including the owned ribbon).

There was a little something for everyone in this basket, toy for the 3 year old, beach ball, water guns and blow-pops for the older children, plastic glasses and tray for the host and hostess and rubber duck for humor.

To make it a bit more sophisticated you could add a bottle of wine such as The Beach house, wine coolers or if they prefer, mojito mix.

Of course you won't be able to find the exact same things for the same price, you are looking for colorful items that have a beach or water theme to them.

I originally was looking for a large sand pail with a shovel that I was going to build the basket around (I had used a large sand pails as the base of loot bags earlier that summer.)

I went on a hunt at liquidation stores (read Best Inexpensive Shopping to find out where to get amazing deals) to find these items and picked up the blow pops at a bulk food store.

The way to compose a gift basket like this is to have a colorful tray, a toy that is tall that you can center in the middle and then surround the toy with various other items. 

Stick to primary colors and wrap with cellophane wrap with a colorful curl ribbon bow on top and you will have the perfect inexpensive gift basket beach themed!

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