Inexpensive Garage Sale Bargains

Inexpensive Garage Sale Bargains are out there and often overlooked!

Garage sales, rummage sales and church sales are sales that a person or a group of people sell items from their homes that they no longer want.

Some people live in amazing homes and have great stuff to sell, others do not.

Generally people are willing to pay about 30% of the original cost of an item at these sales. Just as you never know what is in a house when looking at it from the outside, you never know what will show up at garage/rummage/church sales. 

It might be all new in the box stuff that they received as gifts and hated, it might be fine antiques from an elderly person downsizing, it might be tools from someone trying to organize, it might be children's toys and clothing or it might be dirty broken junk that should have been thrown out.

If you arrive as soon as the sale starts be prepared to pay the full asking price of anything that you are interested in, you can always ask politely if that's the best they can do, especially if you are buying a large number of things but be gracious if they insist on the asking price. 

If you arrive latter in the day you will find that they are more willing to accept a low offer on anything that is left because they don't really want to deal with putting it away. That's when you can get some great prices on inexpensive garage sale bargains.

Anything that is in a home will be for sale during garage sale season, new, old and in between.

Finding Inexpensive Garage Sale Bargains

One of the most important thing about inexpensive garage sale bargains is that you have to know if you really need it and if it is something you need then if it is the right size, color, make, model or shape.

You should always carry your shopping wish list with you. This is the list you have of any items you are looking at buying.

Need a brand new area rug in the front hall? put the size you are looking for on your wish list and who knows if you might find a brand new one at a garage sale that the owner bought and found out it was the wrong size or color.

Let their mistake be your good fortune. Keep your eyes open at garage sales and you'll be surprised at what you can find.

Here is my list of 11 things to always look out for at garage sales.

1. Home office supplies

When people are down sizing they often start selling off some of the basic items you would need for a home office. These are great inexpensive garage sale bargains.

Scissors, staplers, staple removers, letter openers and scotch tape dispensers made before the 1970's were made to last. Compare the price and quality of what you will get today at any office supply store and you will realize that you are snagging a real deal.

While you might have some of these items already if you are thinking of setting up a wrapping center in you home then extra scissors and a tape dispenser are great to have.

All those little things you need for an office or just to run your home really add up when you buy them at a office supply store (thumb tacks, staples, cork boards, paper clips, elastics, pencils, etc. etc).  Partially used packages will sell for pennies at garage sales.

2.Kitchen Equipment - People are always selling off stuff that takes up to much space in their kitchen cupboards and this is where you can snag great gizmos and  gadgets at a super deal.

The sellers might have thought that they would give canning fresh fruit a try and then realized the effort was not for them, or they might have been given specialty baking dishes for gifts that they never used, or used only once. New in the box these make great gift.

Homes that are downsizing often sell off dishes like specialty desert bowls or serving dishes that don't fit into their new home decor. These are all waiting to become your inexpensive garage sale bargains.

3.Sewing supplies - Even if you are not a sewer you need a few basics in a sewing kit. You don't realize how expensive good quality thread is until you need to buy it.

Sewing scissors, stitch rippers, good quality sewing needles, specialty leather needles (that you can use for fixing heavy material or plastic), snaps, zippers, buttons are all basics that you need in your home.

Factor in how much it costs to have a simple hem re-sewn on  your skirt and you will realize it makes sense to keep that money in your pocket and learn to do it yourself.

4. Dressy Children's Clothes-  If you have children these can be one of the best inexpensive garage sale bargains.

You can find great deals on children's dressy, dresses like confirmation dresses at garage sales. Mom's often hold on to expensive dressy clothes hoping that their kids will have another chance to wear them before they grow out of them and once they realize that's just not going to happen are willing to let go of them at great prices.

You can find great deals on clothes that your kids can wear to formal events and holiday parties.

5.Large Furniture - People will walk by great pieces of furniture because they don't have any way of getting it home.

If it is still sitting out at the end of the day sellers are almost ready to give it away than have to haul it back into the house and then figuring our another way to get rid of it.

Even if you don't have a way to get it home right now ask about something that you are interested in (especially if it doesn't have a price tag on it), the seller might offer to get it to your home or you might be able to think of a friend you can pay to get it to your house. The ultimate of inexpensive garage sale bargains, you might even be offered it for free.

6.Jewelry - One woman's trash is another woman's treasure .... especially if you are into beading.

Look at old jewelry as a chance to take it apart and make it into something unique and interesting. 

If it is old, dirty and tarnished see if you can see a sterling mark and you might have a real treasure on your hand.

Sterling jewelry is very easy to bring back to it's glory with some good silver polish. Interesting beads or metal work on a necklace can be re-figured into another one of a kind piece of jewelry. Broaches and earrings that are missing stones can have new stones glued into them. Jewelry can be one of the best inexpensive garage sale bargains.

7.Exercise Equipment - They have finally realized that they will never use the equipment and probably just want it out of there. Most people want to buy new so this is your chance to get yourself in shape at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Do your research before you even go out to the garage sales and make sure you ask questions to make sure that the equipment is in great condition.

8.Craft Supplies - All sorts of supplies end up at garage sales because maybe the home owners became bored with the crafting they were doing, they bought to many supplies, or they made their project and have some left overs. You might not find enough to do a large project but you will find yarn, paper goods, and other items to do small crafts and you might find un-opened supplies as well. Try to think out of the box, they might be selling types of paper, tape, cloth or string that was once used for industrial or commercial  purposes, maybe you could use them for crafting supplies.

9.Photo Frames - These are great to always have on hand. Popping a photo into a frame always makes a great little gift, be it a thank you or to share a memory.  Also look  for frames for certificates (they are a slightly different size than photo frames), you can make certificates on your own home computer to give as recognition for a job well done or as a humorous gift for a friend or co-worker. You can also buy them to frame your children's school certificates. Vintage frames can look great with some lovely old photos in them. Old photos are easy to copy and re-size at modern photo labs.

10. Gift-wrap and Greeting Cards - It is always great to have a small stash of extra gift wrap and cards for those gifting emergencies that always seem to pop up. Wrapping paper from the 70's looks retro fun now and have wild colors that just aren't seen anymore in wrapping paper. A few generic cards are always handy to have. 

11.Often the best deals at these sales are paper back books selling for as little as 10 cents but more often 25 cents. Buying a dozen paperbacks at 25 cents each will cost you only $3. You might even run across old favorites that you read as a child and start a collection for one of your own children

Inexpensive garage sale bargains are the things that you truly need and would be buying anyway. So at a garage sale not only are you getting a great price but you will always be saving the tax that you would have paid as well. 

Inexpensive garage sale bargains, worth looking for.

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