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Inexpensive Every Day Luxury

Inexpensive Everyday Luxury - those small things that can truly make a day seem better when you have them. Often it isn't a matter of money to bring these things into your life but just the realization that they are available but you need to seek them out.

Easy Inexpensive Everyday Luxury Items

1. Surround yourself with beautiful images. Photographs, postcards  and other images that you can tuck into a purse, place on a mantle, and use as a book mark. These are images that inspire you with their loveliness. Put a beautiful picture in your wallet that you will see every time you open it. 

It doesn't matter what other people think of it, this is to make you feel great every time you see it.

2. Have a vanity table. While the idea of a vanity table sounds pricey it doesn't have to be. Any type of table that has a mirror above it and a chair to sit in front of it can be used as a vanity table.

You might have an old desk that you could configure to use as a vanity table. You can throw a gorgeous cloth over it to dress it up. It's a luxury for any woman to have her own private space where she can lay out her things and take her time to get ready. Surprisingly antique vanity table can be inexpensive when bought at auctions. They might need some sprucing up but the time you put into them will be worth it. - Inexpensive Everyday Luxury -

3. Grow seasonal flowers in your yard so you will have flowers to bring into the house. You could make these your signature flowers for your home, such a peonies, roses or lilacs that you would then use in potpourris when their blooming season is over.

You could also extend the flower into your decorating by having the same flowers on your throw cushions in your bedroom.

4. Start a favorite entertainment list.  Build these up so when you have the time to watch or read something  you don't waste your time searching for what you are in the mood for.

Movie streaming and videos have favorite lists,  libraries have on- line catalogs and will even order in books and movies from other areas for free. If you are a library member go online and see what books they have that you were thinking of buying anyway.

5. Walk through an historic area at twilight during lovely weather. Old buildings are enchanting and you need to take the time to enjoy them. 

A twilight stroll on a beautiful warm night can wind you down from your hectic life and make you take the time to appreciate beautiful architecture. There is beauty all around us, we just have to take the time to look at it.

6.Have a favorite quote written out in script on your computer and place on your vanity table. Something that will inspire you or bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

Look for a beautiful frame at thrift stores or garage sales to place it in.  

Inexpensive Everyday Luxury