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Inexpensive Entertaining

Entertaining is fun and inexpensive entertaining is fabulous!

I have always said that my home looks its best when it is full of people and I love to entertain both small and large groups.

Many people want to entertain at home but are afraid of the time and cost that it would take.

The more you entertain the easier it gets and I am going to share all my tricks and tips with you for inexpensive entertaining. Learn how to plan and be so organized that your parties will practically  run themselves!

I always start with my Ultimate  Party Checklist. It doesn't matter if I am getting ready for a kid's birthday party or a elegant dinner, this has all the basics I need to check before I entertain. When you have a list that you can print off and go through it takes the last minutes worries out of everything.

It is the last minute surprises that can cost you a lot of money. When you realize that you don't have enough glasses or food or what ever else and have to do an expensive run to the store just before you guests arrive.

Learn from the experts on how to achieve an amazing dinner party, whether it is for a select group of guests, or just you and one other, with Fine Dining at Home 15 Restaurant Tricks.

Upscale restaurants study how to give their guest the best experience and charge them handsomely for it. Learn their secrets so you can have the fine dining experience in your own home.

Elegant ideas like making a Ice Bucket Made of Ice are fun and easy and will really impress your guests. Learn about Champagne and Bubbly so you can offer yourself and your guest fabulous wines at affordable prices.

It's the small things that makes inexpensive entertaining extra special.  From casual breakfasts to full out 5 course meals, having place cards in place adds a special feeling to the table and helps pull together your table decor.

 For Mother's Day I created these charming Printable Mother's Day Silhouette Place Cards. But they can be used at any time of year.

Here is my tablescape for an lovely but easy Mother's Day Table Setting.

You don't need tons of different dishes or glasses to set the mood for your parties, Food Presenting in Glass shows you how you can take one glass and use it for many different occasions. You don't need cupboards full of dishes and glassware to set an exciting table every time that you entertain.

I believe that you have hundreds of options to really make your entertaining unique with out spending tons of money.

Centerpieces don't have to cost a fortune and last for only a day or two.

Read my Longest Lasting Inexpensive Cut Flowers to start learning what great flower deals there are out there for you to enjoy.

 Inexpensive Garnish Ideas can raise the simplest platter or plate of food into something special and memorable.

I love adding garnishes to even the humblest occasion as it tickles my sense of humor and shows the people that I am serving it to that I care.

When you have a repertoire  of garnish ideas easily available (like Writing With Chocolate) a simple plate becomes extraordinary.

Inexpensive Entertaining for Children's Parties

Child's birthday party can quickly spiral out of control money-wise if you were to buy everything from party shops and the mall. The best parties are the ones that they remember how they felt.  They need to be fun!  Make a Balloon Arch to set the mood, Free Printable Birthday Banner to cheer them on.

Free Printables are the little things that will make a party fun. Print off an Oscar Statue for your Academy Award night party and Super Bowl Party Printables for when you cheer on the big game.

When you have learned the basics of inexpensive entertaining you'll know how to pull a dinner or party together easily and inexpensively and you will find that entertaining is so easy that  you will be looking forward to your parties as much as your guests are.