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Inexpensive Ebay Classifieds Craigs List


Inexpensive Ebay Classifieds Craigs List bargains are out there and ready for you to snap up!

The internet has changed the market place in ways we could not have dreamed of even 10 years ago. Anything that you are interested in, new or used you can find online. Be it on Ebay, Kijiji or Craigslist there are items that people are trying to sell and will ship across the country for you.

Almost every single major store has an online presents now and are willing to sell online. 

If you know exactly what you want to buy down to the serial number then start looking online for great bargains. Always compare apples with apples so you won't be disappointed.

Online classified of pre-owned goods can give you great deals, especially in large bulky items that people will find hard to sell, like bookshelves.

Make sure what you are buying is in good shape. Ask if it is from a smoke free home and pet free it you have allergies. You want to know everything about it before you make the effort to drive over to buy.

What size is it? What color is it? How old is it? Where was it manufactured and who was the maker? Why are you getting rid of it. Does it have a story behind it? Can you offer delivery? 

Check different spelling for things. In finding inexpensive Ebay Classifieds Craigs List bargains it's because sometimes people really don't know what their doodad is called and will list it under a wrong name. This can be great for you as they won't get much traffic for it and you can swoop in and get a great deal on something they don't think is going to sell.

Don't be put off by a bad picture. They might have dragged their item out to the garage or are selling while they are packing up. There are people out there that can't take a good picture for the life of them, it might be a bit blurry or done in a bad light. A bad picture is a bonus for you as other might pass it by and not recognize what it actually is.

Inexpensive Ebay Classifieds Craigs List bargains means you need to know what your price should be. You have to be realistic about how much you can get an item for. Go on line and see what other people are asking for the same thing. You need to show that if your item is better because it is a better brand, in better condition, is newer (or older if it is an antique) or is more unique it will cost more.

If it is a newer item then take the price from a recent ad along with the amount you would be paying for taxes and figure out what you are willing to pay.

Be safe. I don't feel comfortable meeting anyone at their home unless it is on a Saturday and I have my husband with me. With small items it is best to meet them at a busy well lite place like a coffee shop. There are police stations across the country that offer up their parking lots to do safe deals in. This is doubly good as there will be a security camera on the parking lot as well.

If you can't do a deal then stay polite and positive and then check back in two weeks to see if the item has sold yet. Offer a few more dollars the second time and see if they are willing to sell.

Inexpensive Ebay Classifieds Craigs List bargains are out there but  you need to look for them.

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