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Cheap and Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas When You Have No Gift Wrap

If you’ve run out of gift wrap, here are some cheap and easy gift wrapping ideas to get you started. Instead of buying new paper for each gift, consider using old wrapping paper or even newspaper. This will save trees and spice up your gift-wrapping game. If you have no gift wrap, you can even carve a pink eraser into the holiday symbol of your choice and use it as a stamp to stamp the pattern onto your paper.

Using an old atlas or road map as wrapping paper can help you save money. Not only does this use up a lot of wrapping paper, but it can double as a decorative box. For free gift boxes, look for empty cereal boxes. Adding ribbon or a colorful sticker can add flair to the otherwise plain cardboard box. If you’re really strapped for cash, you can also use crates to store extra gifts.

Reusing an old scarf can also make for elegant wrapping. Simply tie it around the gift with a rubber band and tuck in the ends. Then, roll the excess fabric into a flower shape and tuck it underneath the band. Place the gift in the center of the scarf. Tie the ends over the gift. You can also use an old sheet or pillowcase for larger items.

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