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Inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts and Ideas

Inexpensive Christmas Gift and Ideas from free printable to fast gifts to make (for a fraction of what you would pay).

It can be hard to find an advent calendar that is not outrageously expensive but filled with good things. Make this super easy DIY Advent Calendar from scraps of gift wrap and fill it with the great ideas listed in the article!

Absolutely adorable! Make Pine Cone Teddy Bear Christmas Decorations.  Perfect for a rustic Christmas, you can hang them in your tree or leave them sitting out on a table or mantle. Make a bevy of these little beauties!

Cheap and Easy Home Made Christmas Ornaments!

When your tree needs a little something extra these are so fast and inexpensive to make but don't look cheap!

A great easy craft to do with family and friends. Perfect for Christmas Trees in public spaces.

More Cheap Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make!

These fast and easy Christmas ornaments are fun to make and look great on a tree! 

The woven stars look harder to make than they are. They look perfect on a tree or as a gift topper. The pine cone and toy ornaments are super fast to make!


Coal Cookies

Fun little stocking stuffers or gifts for you co-workers, teachers, students, staff, customers and others.

With this printable amusing tag (Coal, Because You've Been Naughty, Naughty, Naughty!) you will have the perfect happy little gift that you can give on it's own or add to another gift.

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 Emergency Chocolate

This is a free printable that you can wrap around a candy bar.

A fun stocking stuffer and ideal for anyone in the medical profession or anyone that looks at chocolate as a medical necessity!

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A Christmas Treat Box costs pennies to make but looks expensive. Perfect for gifting cookies and candies!


Labels that show that the package came right from the North Pole. There is no denying that this came from Santa!

More fun printables! Print off a label for an Emergency Christmas Kit and attach it to a box filled with whatever goodies you think are appropriate.  

Print a Santa Christmas Tag with the same image that comes on the stamp on Santa's letter! Little eyes notice these things. 

Printable Envelopes and Letters that have Santa's stamp and signature on them can make a child's Christmas wondrous. But these aren't just for kids, grown ups can enjoy getting them as well!

Or use the more modern Christmas Tag for your own gifts.

Inexpensive Candy Gifts are a great little gift to give to a friend with a card (especially when you have filled them with their favorite candy). I like slipping these into to the pockets of clothes gift that I give to little ones, they always like checking the pockets to see what treat I gave them.  

You can make a fabulous looking  Christmas Candy Gift Basket, ideal as a hostess gift!

Learn more in  my ebook Make Inexpensive Gift Baskets That Looks Expensive that shows you everything that you need to know!

Have easy gifts on hand for last minute emergency gift giving like a decorated Inexpensive Champagne Gift

Oh so easy to sew Dog Hand Warmers 

Sew up a Fold up Shopping Bag in a stylish fabric for your family and friends.

 You can also print off your own Red Stripped Gift Wrap to save the day!

Run out of gift wrap? No problem I have great ideas of what you can use from around the house in Inexpensive Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas.