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Inexpensive Champagne Sparkling Wine Gift

An inexpensive champagne sparkling wine gift can be an elegant and sophisticated present.

To clarify, the difference between champagne and sparkling wine is that Champagne is a beverage produced in La Champagne France and they have an army of pit-bull lawyers ready to sue anyone who uses their trademarked name of Champagne.

Sparkling wine can be produced using the exact same grapes and exact same method as Champagne but if it was not grown in that region of France then they can not use the name.

Sparkling wines are made through out the world and are know by different names, Cave in Spain, Prosecco in Italy and Sekt in Germany. In general people refer to them as bubbly.

One of my favorite gifts to give is a bottle of bubbly and since presentation is everything this never looks cheap.

Easy to find and quick to make up, if you need an elegant gift for under $10 this might be your best bet.

Inexpensive Champagne Sparkling Wine Gift

This little bottle of bubbly I can buy for under $8 at my local liquor store. You might not be able to find this brand but there are always sparkling wines available in smaller sizes.

The container I used as a champagne bucket is simply a plain glass container from the dollar store. I believe it was being sold as a vase.

Take your small bottle of bubbly with you if you are looking for a container at the dollar store as the base might be wider than you realize.

For another $1 from the Dollar Store you can buy clear wrap.

Cut a piece of the clear wrap and scrunch it into the glass container. It will give the image of ice.

Take a piece of ribbon about in inch wide and tape it to the top of the glass container. This will make it seem more like a champagne bucket.

I used gold but you could use black, red or white. If you don't have any ribbon then you could use wrapping paper cut to 1 inch or just white printing paper cut to 1 inch.

Roll the gift in a piece of clear wrap and tape at the bottom.

Gather at the top and tie with curling ribbon. Again I used gold because that is what I had on hand but you could use any color that you think would look festive with the bottle.

I added this Enjoy card which you can download from Small Valentine Cards Printable.

The finished gift looks elegant and will be a welcome present for any occasion.

An Inexpensive champagne sparkling wine gift can be your quick go to present.

Have a few of these wrapped and ready to go during Valentine's or the festive season and you will be the guest that will always be remembered!

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