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Inexpensive Candy Filler

Cheap Candy Fillers for gift baskets

The Inexpensive Candy Fillers are perfect for popping into gift baskets as they are so cheap to make but look expensive or as a great stand alone little gift.

I buy my candy in bulk at the bulk food stores or I look for great deals in the grocery store.

If you keep your eye on candy prices then you will be able to find great deals through out the year.

Candy will keep well if you keep it cool and dark (and you don't eat it!) I also use this method with nuts but I tend to buy the nuts just before I need them as nuts can go stale faster.  Again I look for what is on sale.

How To Make Inexpensive Candy Filler for Gift Baskets

Buy snack bags with zipper tops from the dollar store, you usually get 60 for $1.

Fill the snack bag about half way full

Remove the air from the snack bag before you close it.

Roll it and tape the excess bag onto the side.

Cut a piece of cellophane about 8 inches by 6 inches.

Wrap the snack bag in the cellophane and try to get the seam on the same place as where you taped the snack bag onto itself.

Using curling ribbon tie off each end leaving long lengths and with a pair of scissors curl the ribbon.

The completed candy filler. 

You can roll it if it seems a bit lumpy.

Instead of curling ribbon I sometimes use regular ribbon to tie off the ends.

It depends on what I have on hand and if I am trying to color co-ordinate it to other items I am putting in the gift basket.

I am constantly using these inexpensive candy fillers to add a little something to the gift baskets that I make.

You can always find something appropriate for the theme of your gift basket.

Chocolates are always appreciate and you can make them fun and colorful by using candy coated chocolates or sophisticated by using higher end chocolates.

When getting the candies and nuts on sale I find that I can make up these little fillers for about 20 cents to 90 cents, depending on what I choose.People really enjoy them as they are small amounts of a treat and they can close the bags if they want to eat them latter.

If you haven't read through it, I suggest reading Make Inexpensive Gift Baskets that Look Expensive for more money saving ideas when you are making up gift baskets