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How to Video Record a Drawing

It would help if you kept a few things in mind when trying to capture a drawing or sketch on video. The white balance is one of the most critical settings, and it is essential to set it correctly. Focus on the picture and set the white balance accordingly. You should also check for glare because a drawing or sketch can reflect light. To avoid this problem, always use a tripod or free-standing brace to shoot the picture.


A Loom recording can be shared via URL or social media. Using this technology can benefit creative businesses, freelancing projects, or presentations. It is an excellent option for facilitating group collaboration and can simulate the physical process of presenting. In addition to sharing the recording with viewers, Loom also offers a tool for creating transcripts and overlays. Learning and teaching can be more effective when using this tool.

Loom is available for Mac, Windows, and iOS devices. You can sign up with your Google account, Slack account, or preferred email address. Once you’ve set up your account, you can download the Loom application and start recording! Just drag the extension to your task base to begin recording. You can then use Loom to record your drawing sessions. You can use this tool to share your videos with colleagues if you’re a professional.

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Loom is available as a Chrome extension. It is easy to download and install from the Chrome web store. The interface is similar to that of the desktop app. The toolbar has a recording button; other features include a record button and a restart button. You can pause and restart recording anytime, making it easy to share your video with others. You can even edit your recording with Loom’s editing tools.


There are two types of tripods for video recording a drawing: one is made with extendable legs, and the other is free-standing. A tripod can be used to mount an iPhone directly over the picture. The latter requires a little more ingenuity, but it does allow you to keep your phone at eye level while filming. If you’re filming yourself, you’ll want to choose a tripod with a top-down recording capability. Depending on the height of your table and your level of stability, a tripod is an essential tool.

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Video quality is another major factor to consider when recording a drawing. A tripod with a steady base produces more consistent and even video and audio. Similarly, a phone stand that allows you to record a picture from the correct height will help your video capture higher quality. And, if you’re looking to add more flair to your drawings, a tripod with a mobile phone stand will help you do it quickly.

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As for the tripod, there are several types of stands for mobile phones. The best ones should offer a steady base for your mobile phone and allow you to record high-quality videos. For example, a right-handed person should place the camera on the left side, while a left-handed person should place it on the right. You’ll need to consider your personal preferences to find the best tripod for video recording a drawing.


If you’re a child going through braces, you might wonder, “How can I video record a drawing of braces?” Well, there are a few methods to do it. One option is to take pictures of the braces. This may be difficult, but the process isn’t impossible. A few tips can help you make a great drawing. Below are a few suggestions.

First, get a good video camera. Make sure you have a good angle and a long lens. You can use a telescopic if your camera doesn’t have a zoom lens. This way, you can get a good shot of the braces without worrying about moving them. Next, try a tripod. A tripod makes the video recording process much more manageable.

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Next, set the camera to record yourself. Some video cameras allow you to record the drawing as you’re drawing it. Make sure you’re in a well-lit area. Taking a video of yourself can help you better communicate with others. Your parents might also be worried about the way you look. Besides looking more beautiful, your teeth will make you more socially acceptable. You can even take a video of your braces.

Ring light

A ring light is a type of lighting that draws attention to the eyes of the subject. They are straightforward to use, and most people don’t even need a lot of photography experience to use one. The main benefit of ring light is that it is portable and easy to set up. If you’re looking for a lighting solution for your drawing project, you should consider purchasing a ring light.

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This product is easy to use and is very easy to find. Most ring lights feature a color temperature and brightness adjustment. Lower temperatures produce a warmer light, while higher temperatures give your drawings a more yellowish or bluish cast. It would help if you aimed for a color temperature between 5000K and 6500K, which is the natural daylight spectrum. Above or below this range, however, you’ll see an increased contrast and a bluish tint to your drawing.

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Other features of this ring light include a remote control that allows you to adjust the color temperature, dim the morning, and use a wide aperture for selective focus. Compared to other similar products, the Inkeltech Ring Light offers an additional advantage: it’s smaller and easier to use than other options. It’s also helpful in making videos with a smartphone. To use the ring light, you need to mount your phone in front of the tripod, which is included in the kit. Then, you can use the remote control to start recording.

Phone stand

A phone stand is a handy device to place your cell phone on a table or desk for you to record your drawing while it’s in use. It has an adjustable gooseneck that swivels 360 degrees, while the iron base is broad and round. You can use it to record an overhead shot or a side shot without disturbing your drawing. It also comes with a light that makes it easier to see your picture on your drawing.

There are many types of phone stands available for filming. Some phone stands are better than others, and your needs will depend on your buying type. Some are made for nightstands, and some are meant for videography. Finding one that can accommodate both top-down and portrait shots and fits in with your style is essential. A stand for your phone should be easy to hold and not interfere with your work.

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The next step in creating a drawing video is to purchase a tripod. While a tripod isn’t strictly necessary, it is essential to choose one that offers stability and helps you record a drawing with better quality. Also, keep in mind that a tripod is best placed somewhere secure. The tripod stand should accommodate a phone and tablet, allowing you to record your drawing while avoiding unnecessary interruptions.

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If you enjoy crafting, you’ll love YouTube’s growing collection of videos about the craft. These videos take you on a journey of creativity, including time-lapse, before-and-after, and artistic experiments. There are videos for every skill level, from beginners to experts, and it’s easy to find something that suits your needs. No matter your project’s difficulty, there’s a video to match.

5-Minute Crafts

While browsing through your Roku, you might notice a channel called 5-Minute Crafts. It offers the same DIY craft videos you’ve been watching on YouTube but with a broader focus. Besides easy-to-make crafts, this channel also features DIY tutorials and cooking tips. It seems to be a reboot of the popular 5-Minute Crafts channel. It has two videos so far, including one about a Halloween DIY.

The website of 5-Minute Crafts was founded in November 2016. The videos feature how-to crafts and tips for home improvement. The channel’s subscribers and views are continually increasing, and there’s even information on its audience’s interests and likes. Although popularity isn’t the only factor determining the performance of a YouTube channel, it’s undoubtedly an essential factor. While YouTube’s algorithm favors popular channels, other factors also contribute to the channel’s success.

Sea Lemon

There are many DIY craft channels on YouTube, but if you want something a little more hands-on, try watching one of the Sea Lemon Crafting channels. Hosted by Sarah, this channel specializes in books, stationery, and print patterns. It has over a million subscribers, so you’re sure to find something you like. And if you’re looking for a new sewing project, Cucicucicoo has free tutorials that teach you how to do it.

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