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How to Sew a Fold Up Shopping Bag

How to sew a fold up shopping bag tutorial is a great way to make useful beautiful gifts for everyone in your life.

Once you have made one you will be addicted and find yourself quickly making them in all different types of patterns for great presents that people will actually like and use. These are also good sellers at craft fairs for schools and churches!

I have made several which I keep in my glove compartment of my car so I never have to pay for plastic bags if I decide to do a quick shopping trip.

Make sure you use a sturdy fabric with a tight weave.

How To Sew A Fold Up Shopping Bag Instructions and Tutorial

You need

3/4 yard either 42 or 58 inches wide fabric

for the body of the bag.

The contrasting fabric for the lining needs to be

1/2 yard of 42 or 58 inch wide fabric


1 yard of 36 inch fabric

You will also need two strap pieces that will go on the bottom of the bag

10 inches by 3 inches.

Print out


 of each of the 7 pages of the pattern:

Fold up shopping bag 1.pdf

Fold up shopping bag 2.pdf

Fold up shopping bag 3.pdf

Fold up shopping bag 4.pdf

Fold up shopping bag 5.pdf

Fold up shopping bag 6.pdf

Fold up shopping bag 7.pdf

Tape pieces 1 to 4 together, then flip one copy over so the printing is on the back and tape one side to the other.

Do the same with pieces 5 to 7.

You will be cutting out of your fabric TWO body pieces and TWO lining pieces and TWO 10 inch by 3 inch strap pieces.

Fold over the bottom edge of the lining, press, fold over again, press  and sew for a nice finished edge. 

With the right sides of the fabric facing each other put one lining piece on the body of the bag and sew along all edges that meet together. 

Do the same with the other two pieces. Turn the lining and body piece inside out and press with an iron.

Take each 10 x 3 inch piece of fabric that will be the ties that go on the bottom of the bag and fold over one short end then fold each side to the middle and press with a iron.

Fold the tie together, press with an iron and sew all along the edge.

Sew the sides of the bags together. Put the two  ties together and place the raw edge against the raw edge of the bag with the ties inside the bag.

They should be place directly down from one of the handles (the red circle shows where they should be placed).

Sew the bottom of the bag and double sew over the ties.

Turn the bag right side out. Overlap the two handles that are on the same side and sew them together. 

Do the same with the second set.

How To Sew a Fold Up Shopping Bag -
How to Fold It

To fold up the bag lay it flat and fold it over once.

Bring both sides in so you will have a section the same width as your handle.

Fold it half way down from the top.

 Roll it up from the fold into a nice tie roll and use the two ties to tie it together.

How to sew a fold up shopping bag is a quick little project once you have the pattern printed out. You can use so many different types of fabrics or even sew together a patchwork from fabrics that you have from you stash. 

Make these sophisticated or casual the choice is yours.