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How to Sew a Fold Up Shopping Bag

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Exactly how to Sew a Fold Up Shopping Bag

Just how to sew a fold purchasing bag tutorial is a terrific way to make helpful beautiful gifts for everybody in your life.

Once you have actually made one you will be addicted and discover on your own swiftly making them in all different types of patterns for terrific presents that individuals will actually like and make use of. These are also good sellers at craft fairs for institutions and churches!

I have made a number of which I maintain in my handwear cover area of my automobile so I never ever need to pay for plastic bags if I make a decision to do a quick buying trip.

Ensure you use a sturdy fabric with a tight weave.

Exactly How Sew A Fold Up Purchasing Bag Instructions as well as Tutorial

You require

3/4 yard either 42 or 58 inches broad material

for the body of the bag.

The different fabric for the lining needs to be

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1/2 yard of 42 or 58 inch broad textile


1 lawn of 36 inch material

You will certainly additionally require 2 band pieces that will certainly take place the bottom of the bag

10 inches by 3 inches.

Publish out


of each of the 7 web pages of the pattern:

Fold up shopping bag 1.pdf

How to Sew a Fold Up Shopping Bag photo 2

Fold up shopping bag 2.pdf

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Fold up shopping bag 3.pdf

Fold buying bag 4.pdf

Fold up purchasing bag 5.pdf

Fold shopping bag 6.pdf

Fold buying bag 7.pdf

Tape items 1 to 4 together, then turn one duplicate over so the printing is on the back and also tape one side to the various other.

the exact same with items 5 to 7.

You will certainly be removing of your material TWO body pieces and TWO lining pieces and also 2 10 inch by 3 inch band pieces.

How to Sew a Fold Up Shopping Bag photo 3

Fold over the lower side of the cellular lining, press, layer over once more, press and also stitch for a wonderful completed edge.

With the best sides of the fabric facing each other placed one lining item on the body of the bag as well as stitch along all edges that satisfy with each other.

the same with the other two pieces. Turn the lining and also body item completely as well as press with an iron.

Take each 10 x 3 inch piece of fabric that will be the connections that take place all-time low of the bag and fold over one brief end after that fold up each side to the middle as well as press with a iron.

Fold up the loop, press with an iron and stitch all along the edge.

Stitch the sides of the bags together. Put both ties together and also put the raw side versus the raw side of the bag with the ties inside the bag.

They need to be area straight down from among the manages (the red circle shows where they should be put).

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Stitch all-time low of the bag and dual stitch over the ties.

Transform the bag right side out. Overlap the two deals with that are on the very same side as well as sew them with each other.

How to Sew a Fold Up Shopping Bag photo 4

the very same with the 2nd collection.

Exactly How Stitch a Fold Up Purchasing Bag —
— Exactly how to Fold It

fold up the bag lay it level and also fold it over once.

Bring both sides in so you will have an area the exact same size as your take care of.

Fold it half method below the top.

Roll it up from the layer right into a good connection roll as well as utilize the two ties to tie it with each other.

How to stitch a fold up buying bag is a quick little job when you have the pattern published out. You can make use of so many different kinds of materials and even sew together a patchwork from materials that you have from you stow away.

Make these sophisticated or informal the option is your own.

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