Where to Sell Silver Plated Silverware and Flatware

Where to Sell Silver Plated Silverware and Flatware – Are they worth anything

Knowing exactly how to offer silver layered silverware as well as flatware can sometimes be tricky. I remained in the antique business for numerous years (and also I still dabble) and silver-plate was one of the important things that I liked to deal.

I found that most people are not really experienced about silver plate and also there was a lot of misconceptions available regarding just how much you can offer silver plate as well as flatware for and also where to sell silver plate and tableware.

Are Silver Plated Flatware worth anything

It doesn’t issue if you have a houseful or simply a couple of products, it you are checking out marketing silver plate there are a couple of points that you should know to ensure that you get the most cash money for what you have.

Even though the above video says NO, it is not worth anything.

How Layered Silverware and also Tableware

Layered plate was preferred in the early part of the 20th century as well as virtually every bride-to-be would certainly have it on her gift computer system registry.

There was a massive amount of silver plate acquired as well as most older homes will certainly have a cabinet or cupboard that has silver plate in it. It befalled of support because room age plastics became prominent in the 1960’s and also individuals did not want to spend the time cleansing silver as well as caring for it.

It likewise can not be taken into dishwashing machines as well as need to be hand cleansed.

Unless you got it and bear in mind specifically what your silver plate is called, what the pattern name is, what year you purchased it and where you bought it from, you are mosting likely to do some study on your silver plate.

First off make sure what you own in fact is silverplate. Plate is the procedure of taking an object that is made with a base steel as well as electronically finishing it with a very thin layer of silver.

The base steel might be Copper, Brass, or Britannia Metal. Very low-cost silver plate is done on Zinc.

How Tell If It Is Plated Silver

If the thing has a stamp or collection of stamps on the at that time it is more than likely, an item made completely of silver.

Silver is a lot, much more valuable than silver plate so it is very much worth your while to know the difference. There are sterling marks detailed on silver web sites for you to do your study.

On the back of silver layered products there will be markings that can include the business name, the country it was made in, an item number and the E.P. (electroplate) marking.

This can check out as EP (or often SP) on Copper, EP on Brass or EPNS (very common) or EPMS (on Britannia Metal) which implies that the piece was probably made in between 1880 and also 1920.

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There are various other marks that are made use of such as Plate or Recreation. Plate is the procedure they utilized prior to the exploration of electroplating. It was copper sandwiched with silver on either side of it.

Plate is old, pre-1840s and it is valued due to that. the antique service it is described as Old Plate because a lot of it was recreated in the future as Reproduction. Old Plate frequently does not have any type of markings on it, which can include in the complication a lot more.

How to Sell Silver Plated Silverware and Flatware For Cash

When trying to sell your silver plated silverware and flatware, the best thing to do is to be patient. Buyers will often be willing to pay more than the item is worth. If you’re looking to make a small profit, go slow and offer more than you think the item is worth.

This will help you to better bracket the price range that will be most attractive to buyers. However, if you don’t get a good price on your item, don’t worry – there will be buyers looking to buy your silverware and flatware.

If you’re looking to get cash fast, you can always check out pawnshops. Although you may be required to pay a fee for the fast process, the price you can expect to receive is likely to be lower than online auctions. Remember that the value of your silver plate also depends on the manufacturer. Popular hallmarks tend to fetch higher prices. If you’re a bargain hunter, you can also look for pieces by popular manufacturers.

In order to make a profit from selling silver plated flatware, you should first clean the silverware. Remove any dark marks or water spots on them. For this, line a sink with aluminum foil and fill the sink with hot water. Mix baking soda and salt with the water and allow the silverware to sit in the solution for 30 minutes. After the cleaning process, wipe the silverware dry with a clean towel.

Sterling silver flatware are highly valuable items. Sterling silverware is worth more because of the metal it is made from. It is also possible to sell these items to collectors. Keep in mind that the value of your silverware will depend on several factors, such as the manufacturer, age, shape, and rarity of the silver. The price of a pound of sterling silver is currently $304, which makes sterling silver flatware worth more money.

Know What It Is You Are Marketing

If you believe it is a cigarette container yet maybe a vanity jar then look it up. Ebay.com is a terrific resource to discover items so you recognize what you have. Vintage websites may also have the very same item.

If you are searching for silver plate flatware then you will require to understand the name of the pattern. If the thing is well documented then you may also learn the age. (By the way old is not an age. What is old to a 18 year old as well as old to a 65 years of age is two various things.)

Keep them From Tainting

What condition is your silver plate? If it is awfully tarnished then you are going to need to determine it you intend to do some sprucing up. It is only when you brighten an item that you can see if the silver plate has actually subsided or if there is other damages on the piece.

unfinished piece costs substantially much less because you can’t tell if you are acquiring a dude or not.

NO NOT USAGE DIPS to tidy silver plate. It strips the radiance from a piece as well as makes it resemble a piece of tin.

Make use of a high quality cleaner like ’& rsquo; s Polish or Twinkle Gloss or Twinkle Gloss.

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Where to sell my silver plated items

Now you must know what kind of silver plate you have (EPNS and so on), exactly what it is (vanity container), what kind of condition it is in after polishing (excellent or used) and if you have seen a similar product on Ebay that has dates you additionally may know the age of it.

How much should you attempt to offer your item for? Return to Ebay.com and see what comparable things are opting for. Just like all points in life the older and rarer your item the more cash you could obtain for it. If you sell it in the best area.

Your options for offering your silver plate silverware or tableware?

Every one of these selections have excellent and also bad points about them. For most of them you must have a top quality clear image of the thing that you can send to individuals in e-mail or have the ability to publish online.

Kijiji and Craigslist

This is a good cost-free choice if you live in a huge location with great deals of individuals that look online. You will certainly need to meet with individuals that you are offering to and also must do so in a public place where you would feel safe (like the car park of a police station). They may see your item and also decide not to acquire.


You would need to establish an account as well as when the item is offered you would certainly need to mail it. Your prospective purchasing target market is huge yet there is a charge involved.

Public auction

They will handle whatever to do with the sale and also you just have to grab your cheque. Auctions can go in any case, two individuals could bid each various other up or it could sell for practically absolutely nothing. Public auction houses take a cut of the sale (anywhere from 25% and also up) so it is in their rate of interest for the product to offer well.

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Consignment Stores

ones tend to have a great deal of website traffic so that thing can offer quick. You will negotiate a fee (anywhere as much as 50%) and a time frame the thing will be in the store (normally no more than 3 months). If no one is interested after that you need to get your product.

Consigned to an Antique Dealer

’t really feel timid about calling up an antique shop to see if they are interested in your things. antique shops prefer consignment so they do not put a great deal of their own cash money into their supply.

They will take a part of the sale (40% to 60 %). Most like to have a time limit that they will certainly have the item in the shop yet if it is very unusual or extremely pricey they might forgo this. If the product obtains damaged or swiped after that they are exempt unless you have an agreement mentioning or else.

Selling to an Antiquarian

You can offer to a store, request for a suppliers checklist at an antique shopping center or look online or in the newspaper classifieds. Supplier will tend to give you about 50% or much less of the products worth.

Marketing to a Museum

This is a really uncommon situation. You would certainly have to recognize the complete history of the item as well as the provenance (who had possessed it before) as well as have evidence that the item you owned had some type of historic value. All that being claimed, important historical things are found in individuals’s basements and also attics.

You would certainly be ideal connecting to a museum that specialized in the moment duration of the product you possessed. (I have never sold to galleries but I have given away to them and they provided me a tax obligation receipt that I could use.)

Vintage Fairs

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There are some complimentary standing antique fairs like Aberfoyle Vintage Market that rent out areas for casual vendors. You would certainly have to bring in your own tables, tent and get set up. Rent will differ for the day, season and just how much area you want.

Yard sales

Even if you don’t have adequate stuff for your very own garage sale you could always purchase a table at a team sale and also try your good luck their. basic most individuals put on’t buy silver plate at yard sales however you never ever understand. Dealers often tend to haunt huge yard sales.

Scrap Suppliers

Some, not all, scrap dealers will get silver plate. What they actually desire is the base steel underneath, especially if it is copper. It never ever injures to ask. This is a great way to get rid of products that have the silver worn off or are pitted.

It might take a little bit of research to find the appropriate venue to market your silver plate yet there are several options available as well as there are people who are looking to get. Occasionally it is to finish a collection and also sometimes it is just because they like the look of silver.

now that you recognize exactly how to sell silver layered silverware and dinnerware what happens if you decide it isn’t worth the cash you believed it was?

If you determine that your silver plate just isn’t worth the moment and initiative to offer it then why not use it? It is actually very simple to tidy and can look sensational when utilized on a dinner table. I utilize my tea solution daily.

Occasionally it deserves waiting a little while to see if the demand for silver plate liven up again. Every single time it is included in popular media then people are captivated with it once more and also the demand is back.

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