How to Make The Perfect Breakfast in Bed

How to make the perfect breakfast in bed... it sound so romantic and indulgent.  It can be a real treat for someone who has been overworked and frazzled. The most lovely way to start a day is to be pampered.

But how can you make a breakfast in bed perfect? It takes a little bit of planning and knowing what the person would truly appreciate.

Most of the time fancy foods and fussiness is not required. What they would really appreciate is a simple well made breakfast that they would enjoy presented in a beautiful way.

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast in Bed

Start with thinking what trays you have and the dishes that will fit on the tray.

You probably won't have enough room to put a pot of coffee, cream and sugar on that small space so fix their coffee the way they like and bring up the coffee, cream and sugar on a second tray latter.

Don't forget a napkin and salt and pepper.

A simple napkin fold can turn a breakfast tray into something really special. This napkin fold made from a simple white paper napkin is great if you want to add a little love note inside

Very easy to do you should make this napkin fold or any other that you are thinking of doing the night before. 

One simple gesture can make the whole breakfast special.

Here is a egg scramble (eggs, mushrooms, green peppers and cheese) with mini tomatoes on the side and the toast was cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Fast and simple to do, it adds a lot.

Any garnish can really dress up a plate. To make a strawberry fan only takes a minute.

You can do this with a variety of fruit. With the strawberry chose one that has a nice green top to it.

Place it on a cutting board and cut thin slices but don't cut through to the top.

Add a  twist to the morning meal and change it from drab to fab.

If they usually have scrambled eggs or a breakfast sandwich then how about scrambled eggs with cheese on a croissant.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you have to make a ton of food. Most people can't eat a huge breakfast.

What if breakfast really isn't their favorite meal of the day? You can still figure out how to make the perfect breakfast in bed for them.

If they are the type of person that just grabs a glass of juice and slice of toast on the way out the door then make them a special fruit shake for breakfast and add a pastry or bagel along with some fresh fruit.

It will be nice for them to have something light but different and they will appreciate the effort.

If you really want to impress them first thing in the morning then make these Easy, Fast Chocolate Covered Strawberries  they  take only ten minutes to make. 

A glass of champagne might be more in tune with the moment than a cup of caffeine but these would be lovely alongside a store bought pastry and a good cup of coffee.

Lastly if you have the room then just placing a few flowers in a small vase really will make your breakfast tray special.

While roses would be nice a tall single rose in a tall vase could be a bit cumbersome. Just a spray or two of daisies or carnations in a small vase is all that you need and quite inexpensive.

One finally thing?  Something to read like the morning paper or a book that they have been meaning to read. Whether you give them an e-book or a tree book it will be a wonderful way to pamper them.

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast in Bed.

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