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How to Make Gold Food

Want something that is truly show stopping? Learn how to make gold food! There are times where the ordinary simply won't do, you want to celebrate with something spectacular and gold food is anything but ordinary.

For a big celebration or big event show the people you love how valuable they are in your life and that they deserve to be celebrated with gold. Think Golden Anniversary, Valentine's, the huge promotion, graduation and oh so many other occasions!

This is a show stopper! Covered in 24 karat gold leaf this Carrot Cake is a thing of beauty. Gold leaf is gold that is beaten into very thin leaves. How thin?  about 4 to 5 millionth of an inch. The step by step instructions are quite detailed and the end results is spectacular.

An amazing and unforgettable dessert to end a meal. Instructions for 24 Carrot Cake.

How to Make Gold Food-Easy Ideas

If a cake covered with gold is just too rich for your tastes then think about using gold leaf as an accent.

Here flecks of gold leaf are topping bit sized white chocolate truffles.

This is still a stunning display without so much of the work considering that the truffles can be store bought.  

Edible Gold Leaf

For a simpler way of achieving a gold finish edible gold paint is an option. This fabulous looking lobster was sprayed with edible gold.  Follow the instructions and you can quickly have an amazing display for a fraction of the cost of using gold leaf.

For the best results this should be used on the surface of food that you don't eat, any shelled seafood (crab, lobster etc.), eggs with the shell on etc.  The best reviews I could find where for Esslack Gold which is sold on Amazon but not consistently. Try also your local specialty food stores.

You have to be absolutely sure that the product that you are going to use is edible. In cake design they will add gold dust to the dummy layers of a wedding cake. Edible glitter is a great way to add some pizzazz to a myriad of foods.

Rimming champagne glasses with edible gold glitter. A simple cupcakes goes from plain to WOW with just a bit of edible gold glitter.
Even simpler and less expensive than using gold leaf or edible gold glitter is using gold colored papers to serve your food. These amazing gold foil cupcake liners could be used for a variety of great little desserts. Gold Cupcake Foil Liners

Fill your table with other bits of gold and you will have a knock out presentation. Gold rimmed plates, serving dishes with gold on them and gold coloured metal serving utensils will all add to the luxurious feel of the occasion.

Put all the yummy goodness on a gold coloured three tiered cake stand!

These gold leaf, sprinkles and paints are simple options that can take your food displays to the next level! And when someone asks you, "Is that real gold?" you can answer them yes!

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