How to Draw Realistic Pokemon Drawings

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There are some basic guidelines that you should follow when drawing realistic Pokmon drawings. The torso and head of the creature should be square with curved corners. The proportion between the two should be correct. You can easily erase mistakes if you make them while sketching. Then, outline the creature using a marker or pen. You can use actual animals as your reference for completing the drawing.

Pokemon Art Academy

To learn to draw Pokemon, you first need to get a computer program that features drawing lessons. This game has many helpful shortcuts, including undo/redo functions and zooming. Then, you can practice drawing your favorite Pokemon until you have a realistic drawing of one. It even has lessons for all six generations of Pokemon. After a few days, you can start incorporating your new skills by taking some classes.

The interface of the game is also user-friendly and easy to understand. It has an extensive library of over 100 Pokemon, which you can practice drawing in the game. In the lessons, you can apply techniques learned in the game to real-life drawings. You can also choose the pencil color, which can sometimes blend. This problem can be resolved later on. However, it’s important to note that the learning process is quick and straightforward. It will also help you practice some real-life art techniques.

Aside from learning to draw the iconic characters, you can also explore the game’s illustration features. It has a professor named Professor Andy, who is an illustrator renowned for his work on Pokemon cards. During lessons, you’ll learn how to paint and sketch different kinds of Pokemon, from the startling Togepi to the complex scene of the Charizard. You’ll even know about the “Eight Rules” of drawing the perfect Pokemon, which are essential to a successful drawing.

The game will be released digitally in the Nintendo eShop on June 19, 2014, and in hardcopy form in the US sometime in October. You can learn to draw realistic Pokemon drawings by practicing the basics. There’s no better way to learn how to draw these characters than with this game. You can find a copy of the game for your Nintendo 3DS on a gaming website or even at a bookstore.

The first step in learning to draw realistic Pokemon is to understand the frog shape. Frogs have pointy ears and small faces. If you’re unsure how to draw a frog, start with an easy monster, such as a chameleon or a Gojira. Once you master these simple shapes, you’ll be able to draw any character in the game, including your favorite mascot.

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Tim Burton’s art style

The Tim Burton art style is trendy. Many people who have seen his films, such as the Simpson Maker and Annie, recognize his type of dark colors and sharp contrast of light and shadow. These characteristics make his artwork instantly recognizable and have led to the creation of other artists’ videos. Tim Burton is also known for his angular facial features and big, expressive eyes. Unsurprisingly, his style has inspired artists from many genres to create realistic Pokmon drawings.

Using simple shapes to build up a creature’s form

One of the easiest Pokemon to draw is Charmander. You can start by drawing both sides the same way, then add more detail. You can also challenge yourself to remove the flame. A sample drawing shows how to use primary colors for love, but it would look better to blend them. Use a shaded pencil available at art supply stores for a more realistic flame.

Using basic shapes to build up a creature’s body and form is another effective way to start. The head and body are simple shapes, allowing you to practice proportions and form. For example, the charge is a large rectangle. Then, you can add two other rectangles to form the jaw. Make the back leg thick, while the tail is made from two triangular shapes.

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When drawing Pokemon, you’ll need to consider the form and the shape. Most of the creatures are animals, but some are based on objects. This is easier to begin drawing a creature than one based on an object. For example, a fox Pokemon could have purple fur and yellow eyes, whereas a thumbtack would have silver bodies and wings.

A candle can be drawn as a monster if you’re having trouble with it. The Litwick rarity, a type of ghost, is an excellent example of how simple shapes can be used to build a creature’s form. This monster is easy to draw, and its body is mainly made up of simple shapes. However, there are some tricky areas, such as the flame, and you can learn how to create a proper image with practice.

To simplify Pikachu’s tail:

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  1. Break it down into a series of rectangles.
  2. Start with a large horizontal rectangle near the top of the head, and draw two smaller vertical rectangles beneath it.
  3. End with the bottom-most rectangle touching the body and then finish with a tight outline. Once you have the creature’s design, you can proceed with the rest of the beast.

Using actual animals as inspiration

Unless you have a talent for cartooning, you probably have no idea how to draw realistic Pokmon drawings. The easiest way to start is to search for a cartoon and type in whatever object you want to represent. This will provide you with a template you can customize however you wish. Here are some tips to get you started. Here are a few tips for drawing realistic Pokemon.

One of the most favorite ways to create a realistic Pokemon drawing is by taking a photo of a real animal and using it as your inspiration. This is a handy trick for young children. They may not understand what the animal is, but they will be able to draw it better if they can see it. Also, you can use the basic body features of the animal to create a more realistic image.

After you have taken your time to figure out the basic shape of the animal, you can experiment with shading techniques. Try to create a side profile instead of a headshot. This way, you can avoid making a realistic pet portrait. You can try out different ways of drawing the animal and improve your skills as you go along. There are many drawing tutorials online. You can also start drawing lessons by following some of the discussed methods.

Start by creating a reference of the actual animal you want to emulate. The fox Pokemon has sharp eyes angled down towards the snout. For the thumbtack Pokemon, make sure you draw their eyes in a round, goofy style. And don’t forget to make them cute. Jigglypuff is another excellent example. You can remove it within sixty to ninety minutes of practice.

If you’re wondering how to draw a Pokemon, you’re in the right place. This article will teach you how to draw Charizard, Bellsprout, Diglett, Victini, and many other characters from the Pokemon anime. You’ll have fun drawing your favorite characters and soon be able to call yourself a Pokemon artist. Once you’ve mastered the basic steps of drawing a Pokemon, you can move on to more challenging and more advanced challenges.


When learning how to draw a Charizard, you should start with the head and body. The head should be round, with its eyes elongated and a large circle below it. The coils should be spaced far apart, not too close. Next, draw a process for the mouth and nose. These shapes should be close to each other, not too far apart. You can now remove the rest of the Charizard.

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The Charizard is a classic Pokemon with orange and teal wings and a light yellow belly and tail. It has white claws and a bright yellow tail. Its coloration can be customized to match the personality of the person drawing it. You can use a variety of art mediums for the Charizard drawing. For example, if you prefer watercolors, you can use a different color palette to create a more colorful image.

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The tail should be triangular, curved upward, with a flame on the tip. You can also draw the wings by creating a triangle shape, with an upside-down “V”-profile on top of it. Lastly, the eraser can remove any extra lines from your drawing. This will allow you to quickly erase mistakes that may have occurred during the sketch.


The Victini is a small rabbit-like Pokemon from the popular game Pokémon Go. It has large, pointed ears, orange paws and feet, and a round, cream-colored body. The front of its ear is orange, while the interior is black. It also has two pointed teeth on its upper jaw. Victini’s tail is shaped like a wing. As with other Pokemon, Victini is a caring and gentle creature.

This mythical Pokemon is one of the better ones to use on an offensive team. It has a base of 100 stats and can be used in a few different ways. However, it is best to use an offensive strategy with Victini. Its V-create move, an event-exclusive fire-type attack, is very potent. You can also use Victini’s Choice Band, Choice Scarf, and Psychic.

Unlike other Fire and Psychic Pokemon, Victini does not evolve. It is a one-dimensional Pokemon and needs only two Energy to attack. This is an excellent choice for new players and those who want to create an exciting and beautiful Pokemon. Drawing Victini is a great way to learn how to draw this unique Pokemon. You can remove it on any device, including a drawing tablet, and it will look amazing!

One of the most important things to know about this Psychic/Fire Pokemon is that it can share its limitless Energy with others. It can also become invisible, giving its owner the power to send visions to other beings. In the anime, it is also able to become invisible. Once you have mastered the technique, you can start practicing independently. It will be easy for you to master this move and be able to draw your favorite Pokemon in no time.

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If you are curious about the evolution of this Pokémon, you can draw it quickly with this step-by-step drawing tutorial. You’ll find step-by-step drawing instructions and a video to help you along the way. You’ll be able to draw Bellsprout in no time! Just follow the video, and you’ll be on your way to drawing this adorable Pokemon!

The basic concept of Bellsprout is simple: it is a plant-based Pokemon with a trunk of brown leaves on either side of its body. Its head is shaped like a bell, with a yellow center and pink lips. Its eyes are black, and its mouth can spray corrosive acid. Its body is long and flexible, and it can use its roots for paws.

The Sprout Tower is located in the Violet City and is over 100 feet tall. The structure is held together with a giant flexible pillar that resembles a Bellsprout’s stem. The post is made from 100-foot-tall Bellsprout, and monks live there. They train the Bellsprout and teach it about coexistence and other vital issues in life.


If you are looking for an easy-to-follow tutorial to draw Diglett, this is the one for you. Diglett is a basic oblong shape with seven holes in its body. Four of these holes are used for the legs, and the middle one is used for its head. There are two colors for Diglett – brown and black. This tutorial is suitable for kids and new artists alike.

To start, think of whack-a-mole. There are thousands of variations of this arcade game, and the moles are plastic pegs with crude features. One of the first anime appearances for Diglett involved a guy trying to smack the moles with a mallet. The idea of making Diglett look like a whack-a-mole is simple, but you must remember that this Pokemon is a little more complicated than it seems.

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The second way to draw Diglett is by placing it on a flat surface. Then, draw its face from its perspective. This is the easiest way to remove Diglett. The other option is to sketch it from memory. However, if you don’t like this option, you can always go for the next one. Digests can be found in many locations, so take your time drawing one.

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If you’re wondering how to draw a Pokemon, there’s an easy way to do it:

  1. Use a picture of the creature.
  2. Just print out the image onto the paper you want to draw on, and then use a pencil with a sharp tip to draw on it.
  3. Just follow the marks to draw the Pokemon.

After a few practice sketches, you’ll be ready to draw a Pokemon in no time.

First, you’ll need to decide what type of Pokemon you’d like to draw. Ditto is the most basic type, a pinkish-purple amorphous blob with a long, curved mouth. It has two small dots in its eye and can change into almost anything. Ditto can also turn itself into inanimate objects. The ground-type Pokemon, Klink, is quite different. The first one is like a mini-gear with six teeth. Its center is dome-shaped. It has a white ‘X’ mark in place of its left eye.

Another Pokemon you can draw is happy. This is the smallest of the bunch and looks like a penguin. Its body is light blue, with a slight yellow beak and three large green leaves on its head. Its arms are short and stubby, and its legs have three toes on each side. Lastly, there’s the Luvdisc. This water-type Pokemon looks like a brown plant. Its body is rounded, with large black eyes and white lips. Its arms are short and have no tows. And finally, there’s the Y-shaped branch at the top of its head.


To draw Pikachu, you must know how to use an outline. To remove a simple design, all you have to do is to mark the dimensions of the picture. Start by drawing Pikachu’s head. Then, define where the shoulders and head should go. After drawing the head, continue drawing the rest of the body. Now, you can use the same method to remove Pikachu’s body.

The first step in drawing Pikachu’s face is to determine the placement of his eyes. Pikachu’s eyes are located above the brows, so remove them above the eyes. Make sure to shade the eyes, which are the most critical parts of the face. After drawing the basic shapes, you can begin coloring Pikachu’s face. Then, you can start adding details.

The next step in drawing Pikachu’s body involves the construction of two simple shapes. The first shape should be a rounded vertical rectangle. Next, you’ll want to draw two smaller circles inside the larger circle. The smaller circles should be placed toward the upper part of the larger circle so that the character looks up in the picture. Then, fill the rest of the shape with the arms and legs.

Finally, you will need to create Pikachu’s lightning-bolt tail. This is an iconic feature of the character and should be the first step in creating an accurate drawing of this adorable Pokemon. The bottom is the most challenging part of drawing Pikachu, but it’s easy to remove if you follow the guidelines. Remember to use sharp lines and zigzag shapes to create the lightning-bolt-shaped tail.

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