How to Draw Like Devon Rodriguez

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Despite his growing fame, aspiring artists can’t just copy what they see on the internet. Here, we’ll examine some common mistakes and tips from Devon Rodriguez that can help you draw like him. He uses various techniques to capture the world around him. Almost 20 million views are a testament to his talent. Devon has a passion for documenting the world around him. While his work is very different from that of most other artists, his art is an excellent representation of his world and its people.

Mistakes & tips for drawing like Devon Rodriguez

If you’d like to draw like Devon Rodriguez, you should start by learning from his mistakes. As an artist, his work reflects his experiences as a high school student. His high school art teacher Jeremy Harper taught him a lesson or two that would benefit him, regardless of whether you’re an amateur or an expert. His blog discusses his mistakes and tips for drawing like Devon.

The first mistake you need to avoid when learning to draw, like Devon Rodriguez, is the mistake of thinking that a picture has to be perfect. This mistake is widespread and can lead you to create a terrible portrait. The next mistake you should avoid is drawing a head. You can use a straight line to pull your chair if you have a great sense of proportions. Then, you can start painting.

Techniques he uses

The artist draws a series of random pictures, ranging from shock to pure happiness. One woman, in particular, has been known to break down and cry while watching her work. There are thousands of videos on her TikTok page. Here are some of the techniques Devon Rodriguez uses when drawing. Featured below are just a few. All of them are worth checking out! Listed are some tips on how to create your masterpiece!

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The first technique Devon Rodriguez uses when the drawing is pencil sketching. Using the pencil sketching method, he works in layers of color and texture to maximize output. He combines this with a variety of media. When the subway pandemic was at its height, Rodriguez began to use the subway as his canvas, including the subway itself. His first video was posted in August 2020 and already has over eight million followers. He then uses a variety of tools to create realistic and evocative drawings.

In high school, Devon spent time practicing his drawing skills. He learned to observe other people and use different mediums. He also rediscovered his love of portraiture, which he continued to pursue after graduation. Devon’s highly detailed and photorealistic work and many of his portraits are now prized on art websites. Devon’s Subway Series is one of his most successful works. You can see more of his work on his website!

A recent video of Devon Rodriguez’s kindness went viral. His kindness prompted many people to use their talents for good. While many were shocked by his act of kindness, others were inspired to use their talent to help others. Devon has also used his abilities to draw a woman wearing a nose mask on the subway while reading a book. Devon’s audience changed during the pandemic, and his art became more personal.

His TikTok videos have accumulated nearly 20 million views.

The Bronx native has skyrocketed his TikTok following from 35 million to nearly 20 million in just six months. He has gained fame by sketching strangers while riding the subway in New York City. He records the drawing process and the reaction of the people who see the finished pictures. He prefers the No. 6 train in Manhattan. The number of views and likes he has garnered has increased his visibility among his followers.

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Although Devon Rodriguez has never taken a full-time job outside of his art, he can now support himself by selling his portraits on the platform. His videos have almost 20 million views on TikTok and over 1 million followers on Instagram. As a result of his success, companies started paying him to play songs in the background of his videos. Since then, he has become financially independent and is looking for an apartment.

Since he first started posting his portrait sketches on TikTok, he has also made a series of portraits while riding the subway. These “Subway Sketches” sketches have earned Devon Rodriguez nearly 20 million views. He sells his drawings on his website and makes millions of dollars monthly. Devon is known to take a break from reality while sketching and strives to leave his subjects as natural as possible.

He struggled to make ends meet before taking his art and video videos viral. His mother left him when he was four years old, and his father was absent from his life. Before hitting the internet with his videos, he was selling portrait commissions. Before becoming famous, he was featured in the New Yorker and The New York Times. A lot of people have asked him why he started making these videos and how he managed to get so much exposure.

His work is about documenting the world around him.

One of the most famous pieces of work from Devon Rodriguez is a series of oil paintings he does on the subway. He draws live in the subway in these pieces and posts them on TikTok. The videos are popular, and they have accumulated over a million views. The sketches can be purchased on his website, and his TikTok videos have been viewed over a million times. Devon doesn’t want to alter reality but likes to document it.

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The popularity of Devon’s artwork has been built on his use of social media, with his YouTube videos garnering over 60 million views. Devon also features random strangers in his artwork. In addition, he draws a self-portrait every year, which has attracted a large following. Devon also responds to comments on his Instagram account, where fans often flood him.

Devon Rodriguez’s love of portraiture was sparked by his father, who was an artist. He took an interest in painting in his early twenties and spent his last year perfecting his skills. He submitted examples to Manhattan High School of Art & Design and was accepted. His mentor at high school also influences Devon’s work. His Subway Series is perhaps his most famous and has received praise for its realism.

His work can be seen on the subway, where it’s not uncommon for artists to share their creations with strangers. Some of his works have gone on to be featured in the Smithsonian. His art has also been featured in numerous publications and on subways in New York. This recognition has led to an increase in his following. Devon Rodriguez’s paintings have touched the hearts of many people.

The sketchbooks of Kim Jung Gi are an incredible portal into the world of an artist. Using them, you can learn to create masterpieces and build a mental library. This article will explain how you can practice drawing like Kim Jung Gi. We’ll also cover some basic techniques and tools to make it easier to become a master artist. Read on to learn more. Once you’ve mastered these basics, you’ll be able to draw like Kim Jung Gi!

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Learn from Kim Jung Gi’s sketchbooks

Artist Kim Jung Gi has preserved 12 years of his creativity in a series of sketchbooks that run to 4,500 pages. His work has garnered 1.3 million followers on Instagram. While many artists prepare their sketches by sketching an outline of the subject, Gi’s approach to drawing is entirely different. He creates detailed illustrations without using references. He even draws his characters from memory! Watch this video now if you’ve always wanted to learn how Kim Jung Gi creates his illustrations.

The first sketchbook in the series was compiled in 1991. It’s a massive, nearly one-kilo volume with a remarkably diverse selection of sketches. Kim Jung Gi also includes illustrations from his summer 2012 trip to France. The artist’s wry storytelling skills are evident as he shows his diverse inspirations. Learning from his sketchbooks is an excellent way to tap into his creative potential.

Omphalos published the second sketchbook in the series in 2015. It featured the artist’s most erotic works and comprised 336 pages of varying paper sizes and styles. Kim’s work was featured on the cover of ‘Omphalos.’ The book was listed as the artist’s favorite work and was later named one of his favorite books. It also included live sketches of different countries, point-of-view drawings, and comic pages. Despite its limited number of pages, the book was well-bound and looked great.

While Kim Jung Gi’s work appears to be spontaneous, you must study the subject to appreciate his unique style and technique. His unique style and ability to visualize his work before he makes a single mark are unmatched by any other artist. He creates illustrations in record time, an imposing practice. While the artist may be influential, his work is rooted in pop culture and personal experience.

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As a child, I was enamored with art. At age nineteen, he majored in Art and Design and spent three years at Dong-Eui University in Busan, South Korea. In the meantime, he served in the military, memorizing weapons and vehicles. Perhaps these years in the army-inspired him to draw the things he knew. Even his sketchbooks are full of inspiration for today’s artists.

You can also study Kim Jung Gi’s sketchbooks to see how he develops his skills. You can learn the skills needed to create your masterpiece and create an exceptional work of art. The artist’s sketchbooks have plenty of examples of his career, offering you an ideal opportunity to learn from his process. While some artists work in their sketchbooks, others focus on the style and function of creating art. The more you study a particular artist’s work, the more you will understand the importance of the work ethic and how they approach creating art.

Become a master artist

Practicing drawing like Kim Jung Gi is essential for aspiring artists. This famous Korean artist has perfected the art of drawing accurately using memory and techniques. The following tips help you master drawing like Kim Jung Gi. Observe detail: Study the clothing stitching and the body’s contour lines. Also, learn the rules of perspective. Kim Jung Gi frequently uses a fish-eye perspective to draw various objects. This perspective is also known as the five-point or curvilinear perspective. Despite its name, the term is tough to explain and implement.

Study and practice art: Drawing is a lifetime activity that requires dedication and constant practice. Observing the works of masters will inspire you and make you want to draw more. If you practice in an environment with competition, you will be pushed to become better. Keeping to yourself in isolation will make you miserable and give up soon. If you don’t like competition, you might not have a purpose in life or don’t have the time to practice.

Practice drawing techniques that will help you draw anything from animals to people. The most complex subjects to draw are animals and people. Try to learn how to separate objects into their primary forms and then compare them to your most recent drawing. Practicing drawing like Kim Jung Gi will help you master these techniques and develop your drawing attributes. Once you have mastered this technique, you’ll be able to draw anything you can imagine.

Practice drawing every day when you feel inspired to draw. You’ll be amazed by the results. If you can keep practicing, you can become an expert artist in no time. With a bit of time, discipline, and consistency, you’ll be drawing like Kim Jung Gi in no time at all. To become a master artist, you must be dedicated to your practice and work on your daily skill.

Practice makes perfect. Creating a routine for the drawing will increase the speed of the picture. If you don’t have a way, you might end up drawing badly in a short period. If you’re already skilled in the art, you’ll be more willing to accept criticism and learn from mistakes more quickly than someone who doesn’t practice enough. However, you’ll never reach mastery if you’re not disciplined enough to practice drawing.

Practice will also improve your talent. When you have an aptitude for art, you’ll be able to draw better than anyone else. Practice makes perfect, and practicing drawing is the key to improving your skills. It’s easy to see a difference in your art after three months of training. When you have more time to practice, you’ll be able to draw like Kim Jung Gi in no time.

Build a mental library

The best way to draw like Kim Jung Gi is to practice constantly. This will help you develop your mental library of drawings and make combining elements from different cars easier. It will also help you become more efficient when studying. After all, Kim Jung Gi doesn’t start by sketching; he does it in his head! As you practice drawing, your thought processes will become automatic. This means you can use less time and energy studying for illustration.

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