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Heart Valentine Printable

I designed this Heart Valentine Printable for those that want to give a Valentine card or romantic card for other occasions but don't want any of the overly fussy images that are available.

Hearts are the symbol of Valentines even though they look nothing like the actual human heart that they are suppose to be portraying. The heart image has been used since the 1400 and is now instantly recognized as a symbol of romance and love (with an arrow through the heart it symbolizes heart ache).

This card is 3-7/8 inches by 3-7/8 inches with a large red heart and a red border. It is a modern looking card and suits the minimalist wrapping pictured here of brown kraft paper (which is typically used to wrap parcels going through the mail) with a ribbon of white chord. It would look equally as good on  a solid colored wrapping paper or a simple two toned  wrapping paper.

It is best to print this out on card stock to give strength to the card. You can print it out on regular printer paper but it will look flimsy.

Brown Kraft Wrapping Paper 30" x 15 Feet

Heart Valentine Printable Directions

Print off the Heart Valentine PDF on card stock. With a ruler and a bone folder score the dotted line on the card right across the paper. This will make it easier to fold and give a crisp clean edge to the fold.

Fold the card in half. On the back-side of the card smooth down the fold using your ruler.

Using either scissors or a paper cutter, cut along the dot-dash lines.

If you want to attach the card to a ribbon or chord on your gift, then using a hole puncher, punch a hole in the corner of the card but not too close to the edge, you don't want the card to rip inadvertently. .

I tied the present before adding the card and secured it with a small tight bow.

Though the card, gift and bow are very simple they all add up to a lovely looking gift that would be appropriate for either a man or a woman.

This card would also make a nice over-sized enclosure card for flowers, wine or chocolates and it is simple enough that you could also slip it in to a wedding gift or shower gift.

A simple heart card that is perfect for Valentine's Day.

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