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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! The other night as we were finishing dinner my husband asked my in a casual way if I had any idea of how many Canadian flags I had used to decorate the inside and outside of our home. 

I would have guessed 30 but my daughter leaned over the centerpiece that I had on the table and quickly counted out twelve little flags in that....I then remembered I had done 2 flag arrangements that probably had 14 flags in each plus the ones on the gazebo, the front of the house, on the dollhouse and it just kept growing and growing!

Our Canadian flag is not that old compared to many other countries.  Canada used the Union Jack before that and even though a Canadian flags was suggested in both 1925 and 1946 it was only under Prime Minister Lester D Pearson in the 1960s that Canada got its flag... but not the flag that Pearson had wanted.

The Pearson Pennant, as it was nicknamed, had one thing going for it, everyone seemed to hate it. But that seemed to pull together a nation to find a design that would symbolize Canada and that we would all be proud to fly.

Which wasn't this one. Close, but they thought that it didn't look distinct enough at a distance.  So they tried again.

This design they found cleaner and simpler and they knew it would be unique and recognizable. (And by the way, no, it does not snow in Canada in July, this photo was taken on February 15th to celebrate Flag Day.) 

They were right, the red and white of the Canadian flag can be spotted a mile off. When traveling around the world I can instantly spot our flag even if I only get a glimpse of it.

When driving around I  love to see how other people display their Canada flags. This person had place a basket of red and white petunias on a bike and had the flag fluttering behind it.

Dollhouse decorated for Canada Day
At home I might go a little overboard, but there again when celebrating, more is more. Here I have decorated my daughters old dollhouse with it's own bunting and flags.

And from my post, Canada Day Table Decorations, you can see that I pop those little Canada toothpick flags all over the place. They are cute and fun and super cheap and I always seem to find a new place to put them!

So Happy Canada Day, whatever your plans are in 2020. I hope that you have a wonderful time and have a chance to fly our flag. (After I counted I had 60 flags in and outside the house!)

Happy Canada Day - Ideas to Help You Celebrate

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