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Make Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween treat Bags that you can make and print off yourself are great to have at Halloween. If you are holding a Halloween Party, have a group that you will be giving treats to, or your children exchange treats at Halloween with classmates these little treat bags are ideal!

For children that have allergies or can not eat candy these are a perfect way to customize the treats.

Easily made from one sheet of regular or colored paper they are very easy to assemble.

Halloween Treat Bags Printable Tutorial

Boo, Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat? are on the front of these small bags.

There is a free printable PDF to print from and with a little glue you are done!

 I tend to make these assembly line fashion as I tend to make a dozen or more at a time. Print off as many copies of the PDFs as you need.

Use different colored paper to get different effects. I used orange but green would also look great. You could also use patterned paper as long as the pattern was not too strong and that you could still see the printed words on it.

BOO! Halloween Treat Bag Pdf

Happy Halloween Treat Bag Pdf

Trick or Treat Halloween Treat Bag Pdf

Before you start forming the bags make sure that the ink from the printer is completely dry on the paper. The size of the box that I form them on is 3 inches wide, 2 1/8 inches deep and 5 1/4 inches high (the height doesn't matter as much as the sides).

On a clean surface place the printed side up, center the text over your box or block of wood.

Crease the paper over the front edges and remove it from the box. Fold the paper to make strong creases.

Flip it over and do the same on the back.

Glue the back seam.

Fold the bottom of the bag the same way you would a gift, making sure the folds are crisp and glue at every fold.

Slowly pull out the box so you don't wrinkle the paper. It will be easier to do if you can place your hand inside the box. To make creases on the side of the bag just line up the front and back and press down.

You can close the tops with staples but I found these fun little spider clips at the craft store and thought they were perfect. If you can't find the ones with clips then staple the bag shut and use a glue gun to glue the spiders on. 

Because not everyone likes to give candies at Halloween this is also a great way to pop some non-sugary treats such as  hand-held puzzle, maze puzzles, rubric cubes, or other small games.

Fun and easy to make these little treat bags are perfect for Halloween.