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Halloween Centerpiece With Carved Apples

A Halloween Centerpiece with Carved Apples is a super fast easy Halloween decoration for your dinner table. While flowers and greenery are always great to have on the table as a centerpiece they seem a little too...tame for a Halloween meal (unless you use a plant like Venus Fly Trap).

I would love to do quite macabre centerpieces with spiders and snakes and maybe a loose eye ball or two but the rest of the family is rather squeamish. So in the days leading up to Halloween I swap out my regular flower centerpiece with these grinning apples (because why should pumpkins have all the fun).

The apples invoke the feeling of Halloween with out being ghoulish. That being said you could do some really scary faces on these apples if you decide, but I kind of went for a middle ground, not too scary but not to sweet either.

What you will need

  • A bowl
  • Apples (read below what types are best)
  • Paring knife
  • Lemon juice (bottled is fine)
  • Cloves (for eyes)

Halloween Centerpiece with Carved Apples

Apples are easy to carve and quick to do. 

Cortland apples, Empire apples and Gala apples are all good apples to use since they don't brown quickly when you cut them, but if you have an apple tree then use up all the mis-shaped apples to give your centerpiece real character. Regardless of the type of apple that you are going to be using it is best if you dip the cuts in lemon juice once they are carved to keep the skin looking nice.

To start your centerpiece fill the bottom of your bowl with regular apples, you will be placing the carved once on top of these, if you are making a very large arrangement in a big bowl you can fill the bottom of the bowl with crumpled up newspaper so you won't need to use so many apples.

Take a clean firm apple and wash the skin. With a small paring knife cut just the skin into an oval with pointy ends on the bottom quarter of the apple. This will be the mouth.  Remove the skin. (Yes there is probably a proper mathematical term for a pointy oval, the thing is that I don't know what it is, if you do then leave me a message!)

Divide the mouth in half and carve out a sliver from the lower part of it.

The upper part will be the teeth so divide the space evenly and carve teeth into the area. If the teeth are a bit wonky all the better!

The eyes are also sharp pointed ovals. Cut into the skin and then remove the skin.

Carve a circular shape in the middle of the eye oval and dig out the flesh in the corners to form an eye (actually that does sound rather gruesome, yay, we really are getting into the Halloween spirit!)

Add a clove in the middle of each eyes to form a pupil. Then dip the apple in a small bowl of lemon juice so all the exposed flesh of the apple wouldn't brown.  Arrange them in the bowl. You can add fall leaves or silk leaves and tada, you are finished your Halloween centerpiece with carved apples!

Finished Halloween centerpiece with carved apples.

These funny little faces only take two or three minutes to make and will make your Halloween meal memorable.

They will also make a great arrangements in the kitchen or on a buffet table.

 Your Halloween centerpiece with carved apples can become your new Halloween tradition!