Halloween Bat Place Cards

Halloween Bat Place Cards for your Halloween dinner! Even if it is just the family why not have place cards on the table. I made up these Halloween Bat Place Cards for our dinner table just because I thought they would be fun.

They would be great if you were having guests, a simple way to acknowledge the day if you are not going all out for Halloween or you could  go all out and have a scary centerpiece, serve them "Ghoulash"  and Vampire Martinis (as a tongue and check way of celebrating the scary night).

Bats became part of Halloween because people thought that they were vampires in disguise and unfortunately bats have been maligned throughout history because of this.

I personally love bats (probably because I have never had to deal with an infestation of them) and I know that they are great for eating mosquitoes, plus I think that they are beautiful creatures. My mother had a soft spot for bats and would always tell us when we were growing up how beneficial they were. My mother's favorite music was from the opera Die Fledermaus (The Bat).

This image was taken from a antique book of animals and has a lovely vintage look to it.

Setting a table with a white table cloth, black plates and silver plate will make it elegant and spooky. Use your fine china and crystal because there is something that makes fine living and the eerie work well together. 

If you don't want to go the elegant route then an orange table cloth will bring a more fun feel to the table.

Halloween Bat Place Cards Pdf

Print off the Bat Place Cards.pdf

These are a folded place card so make sure that you fold the line above the image and not cut through it. Score the fold line with a bone folder or the dull edge of a table knife before you fold it to get a crisp edge.

If you have place card holders that you want to use then cut the place cards in half and use the half that has the image on it.

There are 4 place cards per sheet. It is best if you print them out on card stock but if you don't you could print them out on regular paper but they will not as sturdy.

If you are having a buffet you can use these cards to mark the different dishes that are on the table. This is especially useful if you are featuring some dishes that are vegan or gluten-free and you want all the guests to know without having to hover over the buffet table repeating it to each guest.

They would also be fun to have about with the simple statement of Happy Halloween. Halloween Bat Place cards, a quick simple fun way to celebrate Halloween. 

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Happy Halloween!

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