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Free Halloween Banner Printable

This Halloween Banner Printable is a fast fun way to decorate for a Halloween party. 

It reads, Something Wicked This Way Comes (Shakespeare Act 4 Scene 1 ).

Simply print out the letters on card stock, cut, string together and hang up.

Halloween banners can be hung in various places.  It could be hung in a front widow, over a staircase or on the mantle of a fireplace.

Halloween Banner Printable Tutorial

Print off the pdfs on card stock for a banner that you can use year to year. You could print this off on plain paper but it would not be as strong and if you hung it in front of a window then the light would show through the paper.

The pdfs are not in order so you will have to cut them all out before you assemble the Halloween banner.

Halloween Banner Pdf a

Halloween Banner Pdf b

Halloween Banner Pdf c

Halloween Banner Pdf d

Halloween Banner Pdf e

Halloween Banner Pdf f

Halloween Banner Pdf g

Halloween Banner Pdf h

The border of each letter as a light tinge of yellow to it. 

If you don't want any color on your banner then print it out in black and white.

Thread a long piece of thick black thread and in the corner of each letter thread through to the back and bring the needle up through the front on the opposite corner.

I find that stringing the banner together like this makes the individual letters stay in place and that you can separate the words if you want to. 

You could string them together with curling ribbon by punching holes in each corner as shown here in my Printable Birthday Banner.

I strung the Halloween banner printable on three threads but depending on where you wanted to place it you could do it on one long thread.

This is a bit more of a sophisticated Halloween decoration without getting ...icky. I have this in my dining room where I don't want to upset my guests with anything too upsetting. (Mind you I do hang up some prints that are a bit creepy.)

I always like to think that Halloween has more to do with the psychological thrill of mystery and the unknown rather than the in-you-face blood and guts but I have learned over the years to each their own, so celebrate your Halloween the way you want to!

Print out this banner, add some dark objects around it and you have a quick and easy way to decorate for Halloween.

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