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Greeting Card Inserts

These Greeting Card Inserts are designed to fit all my 4 x 5 1/4 inch note card sized cards! This is perfect to make any card mean what ever you want it to.

Need a Birthday Card? Then check through my free printable cards for the image that you like, print it out and then come here and print out the insert that you need to finish the card!

Greeting Card Inserts Tutorial

All high end cards tend to have an insert in them to make them look posh. The great thing about this is that it actually makes printing your own cards that much easier and gives you a polished look with very little effort.

You can change the look by printing these inserts on colored paper.

I have several different inserts and I will be adding to them all the time. Is there something that you are particularly looking for? Drop me a line in the comment section and I will see if I can make it up for you. 

For now I have started out with the basics that everyone needs. Just print off the insert that you need.

Score through the middle of the insert using the dotted lines at the side as a guide. You need to score the line so when you fold it you will get a crisp clean fold. Don't skip this step.

Only after you score the line through the middle you should cut the insert. The inserts are smaller than the cards that they are designed for so they fit nicely inside. When you are cutting the inserts make sure that you cut INSIDE the lines so there is no trace of the dots on your finished insert.

I like to use a paper cutter to cut them but if you don't have access to one then use a good pair of paper scissors that are well sharpened.

When cutting paper remember to make long cuts so that there will be no jagged edges.

Using a glue stick use only a very small amount of glue in the crease to glue the insert into the card. If you want you can also add one dab of glue to one corner of the front and one corner of the bottom of the insert. Inserts are suppose to be somewhat loose. If you try to glue all of the insert it will end up as a mess. You just need the smallest amount to make sure that the insert does not fall out.

If none of the inserts have the meaning that you want to convey then it is easy to make up your own custom insert. Just download the BLANK Pdf and convert that into a word document. In word you can add a text box to say what you want.

I will be adding new cards and new greeting card inserts through out the year so check back to see what I have! The easiest way to keep on top of my printables is to sign up for my Newsletter!