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Glue Gun Easter Eggs

Glue Gun Easter Eggs! For a different way to decorate your Easter Eggs this year why not use your glue gun?

I used a glue gun to make a simple design on these boiled eggs then dipped them in food dye to achieve a beautiful mauve/blue.

The clear glue from the glue gun leaves a subtle raised design.

I started playing with this idea when I was thinking of the traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs that are designed with wax and dye. The process can be quite time consuming and is best done with a special tool called a Kistka. While the end results is beautiful I wanted to create something simpler (and faster) and I came up with the unusual idea of using a glue gun.

I used a very small glue gun that I had bought for $2 years ago. They are easy to find in craft stores.

Glue Gun Easter Eggs

Boil several eggs to hard boiled stage. (o learn how to make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs, to HERE.) Let cool to touch. 

Using a glue gun with a small nozzle start "drawing" a design on the egg. 

I was trying to make this look like a branch of pussy willows.

I did a second branch across the first.

Let the glue dry and cool completely. 

In a bowl or cup that is deep enough to submerge the egg, add boiling water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.

I used food dye to make a lovely mauve color using blue and red dyes. Make the dye darker than you think you will need. 

Dip the egg in using a spoon and pull out checking the color, if it is too light then place the egg back in.

Let the egg dry completely.

I made several of these and set them in a small clear bowl.  

The types of designs that you can try are endless. The main things to remember is that you have to let the glue dry completely before you submerge it in the dye and that the glue is raised on the egg to give it a textural finish.

Out of curiosity I did try pealing the glue off the finished egg but it was time consuming and in the end I preferred the look of leaving it on.

A little bit of a different idea for your Easter Eggs this year, decorate your Easter Eggs with a glue gun!

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