Fun Thanksgiving Place Card

free printable thanksgiving place card

A fun Thanksgiving place card was what I was in the mood for this year. That's how I came up with this place card with the vintage image of Mr and Mrs Turkey in their Sunday best driving their car! 

I have often noted that sometimes if a dinner table looks a bit too stuffy people tend to be uncomfortable and an image like this lightens the moods (plus the kids love it).

As always my place cards are simple to print off.

If you decide that you still want a more traditional place card then you could use this one at the children's table and perhaps a  turkey one (like the one I designed below) for the adults.  Go to Thanksgiving Turkey Place Card for the free printable.

From the easy no fresh flower arrangement to the orange table cloth the theme for this year is bright and easy.

I even pulled out some old favorites and will be using my vintage crystal. Delicate looking but it is used on a regular basis and is stronger than you would think.

I've always believed that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to pull out dishes and glassware that you might have inherited or ones that you have bought from antique malls that remind you the ones your parents or grandparents had.

If of you own beautiful things then you should use them, not keep them hidden in cupboards and drawers.

Fun Thanksgiving Place Card Free Pdf

Download the free PDF and score across the place cards from the small black lines before you cut out the place cards. This score line will make it easy to fold the card. 

If you want to print on the place card from you computer then use a PDF to Word converter. Otherwise cut them out and use your best writing to add the names.

Free Printable Vintage Turkeys in Car Place Card PDF

Place cards always look better if you print them off on card stock. The thicker paper makes them sturdier, but if you are in a rush and you don't have any card stock handy then print them off on regular paper and cut out a second piece of paper the same size  as the place card and layer them together with a few dabs of glue, then score and fold. 

The gourd and dry flower center piece was simple to make by just elevating the pumpkin on a 2 inch slab of florist foam and surrounding it with mini gourds. In the spaces in between I placed dried flowers. 

A bright and happy Thanksgiving table. Happy Thanksgiving!

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