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Free Wrapping Paper for Baby Gifts

Free wrapping paper for baby gifts that look great and is easy to print off! I designed these two versions of alphabets, one with images and the second without.

I like getting many gifts when I go to showers or baby birthday parties and wrapping each gift in a separate box and stacking them. I find the presentation is more impressive and it is fun for the person opening the gifts to have a multitude of gifts to open. 

This gift wrap can be taped together to make a larger sheet. Since I use smaller boxes to put my presents in this wrap works perfectly. 

When I do have a larger gift in a larger box that I want to include I will wrap it in a solid coloured wrapping paper that mimics one of the colours in the free wrapping paper for baby gifts.

I might cut the free wrapping paper into strips to use as ribbons on the solid coloured wrapping paper, or I might tape it to the front of the gift as a panel and put a bow on top or do the opposite, strips of solid paper and a bow made from solid paper (see how to make these bows from paper HERE.)

I also like to match the bows that I use with the gift wrap. Again I might pull out one of the colours from the free wrapping paper for baby gifts and use a bow to match.

Printing Off Free Wrapping Paper for Baby Gifts

I have made the wrapping paper into an easy to print off Pdf. You can either print it off on your own printer at home or if you need to you could download the pdf and have it printed off at a copy center.

To make a matching card using the wrapping paper I just glue a section of the paper onto a piece of 4 x 8 inch card stock, let it dry and score the middle to fold it over to make a 4 x 4 card (you can make any size you want using the same idea.) 

Or you could take the same 4 x 8 inch card stock, score in the middle to make the card and cut out a section of the gift wrap that you like 3 -1/2 x 3 -1/2 inches and centering it on the front of the card, glue it on.

Cute, easy and something a little different for when you need some great gift wrap for a baby present!