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Free Websites to Learn Drawing For Kids

If you want your kids to start a love of drawing, check out these websites! You can try the Stickman Drawing website. This website teaches you how to draw a stick, man. You can change the color by moving your mouse cursor over the drawing, changing the background colors, or erasing the page. It has been designed for kids to learn to draw stick men while having fun.

Thrive Art School

Thrive Art School is a great place to learn how to draw with kids online. Thrive is a real art school in Seattle that began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. The site features a YouTube channel with tutorials from artists with different levels of expertise. The beginner’s course teaches children the basics of drawing. Still, if you want to challenge your child’s creativity, you can move up to intermediate lessons that teach how to draw animals, lions, and octopuses.

Rob has a great YouTube channel with many different art lessons for kids. You can find a new video every Tuesday or Thursday at 10 am BST. The entire series can be found there. He also encourages kids to share finished pictures with him on social media. There is no better way to inspire your child’s creativity than with art. You can learn how to draw animals, flowers, and more with Thrive Art School.

Thrive Art School is an excellent site for kids that offers free art classes. Kids aged six to eight can sign up for the free trial course. Each lesson focuses on a different art medium, such as painting, drawing, and watercolor. Students can upload their completed work to a central portfolio. This helps students showcase their work. They can also choose which art medium they want to pursue.

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Rob Biddulph is an illustrator and children’s book author. He created these videos for kids while on a lockdown. The videos include step-by-step tutorials for drawing popular characters and animals. You can also download easy-to-follow art materials to use in your project. The lessons also help you practice drawing while creating a finished product. These online lessons will help your child learn how to draw their favorite cartoon characters and books.

Thrive Art School is another excellent option for parents who want to supplement their child’s formal lessons. It offers in-person and virtual classes for kids. With seven years of experience teaching young students, Young Art Lessons strives to make art accessible for everyone. The site also has live online art classes seven days a week. These lessons are led by expert instructors and provide step-by-step instructions.

Easy Drawing Tutorials

If you’re looking for easy drawing tutorials for kids on free websites, you’ll find a lot of them. Easy Drawing Tutorials have lessons for all ages and include video and written instructions. You can find everything from cartoon characters to Marvel characters to Christmas trees on Easy Drawing Tutorials. Another site that offers easy drawing tutorials for kids is Art Land. The site features two new videos daily, divided into two levels: easy and advanced. Easy Drawing Tutorials are ideal for younger kids but also contain some lessons for more advanced students. The classes are superficial.

You can also find free drawing tutorials for kids on sites like Tim’s Printables. You’ll need a computer and a printer to make these easy to follow. You can also print these lessons and hand them to your child or student. These free drawing tutorials are ideal for elementary and middle school kids. They’re also a great way to teach kids other essential skills. These free drawing tutorials will help your child learn how to draw a simple picture of a dinosaur.

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If you’re looking for easy drawing tutorials for kids on free websites, you’ll find tons of them on many different websites. Whether you’re looking for a tutorial for a popular character or a step-by-step guide to creating your cartoon, you’ll be able to find one for your child on one of these websites. The sites are designed with your child in mind and easy to repeat so you can ensure your child understands and follows the instructions.

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If you’re looking for a quick drawing lesson, try one of these websites for kids. There are step-by-step drawing tutorials for kids, sketching tutorials, and even hands-on projects that kids can complete independently. You can choose what’s easiest to draw first or practice on different subjects. Once you feel comfortable with the basic technique, you can begin to work on more complex issues.

Drawing Coach

Unlike other websites, Drawing Coach does not charge for its lessons. Instead, it provides step-by-step videos and written guides that teach you how to draw portraits, animals, people, and flowers. In addition to the video tutorials, you can find how-to-draw tutorial pages that will help you learn the basics of drawing. Unlike some other websites, Drawing Coach offers many different lesson topics, so your child is bound to find something interesting to draw.

The site offers high-quality, downloadable PDF tutorials with illustrations and step-by-step directions. You can also access the lessons online, but registering first will help you find them faster. The videos focus on different types of drawing, including cartoons, caricatures, and humor. The lessons are divided into categories, so your child can learn any picture. In addition, you can also view different videos that will give you step-by-step instructions for any drawing style.

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This site offers tutorials for beginners, young artists, and people of all levels of experience. It also provides helpful tips and tricks for teen artists and other artists. Kids can learn the basics of drawing by watching step-by-step videos of cartoon drawings. And if you’re looking for a website that can teach you how to draw for free, you can use any of these apps to get started. Some of them require payment but offer a free version as well.

Another great website to learn to draw is You’ll find tutorials for various cartoons from the ’80s to popular video games. From Mr. Spock to Darth Vader, you’re bound to find something you’re interested in on this site. There are downloadable tutorials as well as video classes available on

The Drawing Coach website is excellent for beginners. It features tutorials that teach you to draw animals, cartoons, and more. These tutorials are also interactive and can improve your skill set. The people behind Drawing Coach are masters in the field of general drawing, so they know what they’re doing. By practicing, kids can become better artists and improve their skills. So what’s next?

Pixel art

Pixel art is a free web-based platform for creating pixel art, icons, animated GIFs, and sprites for games. It offers several drawing tools and features, including a community where kids can get inspiration, share their work, and collaborate. Users can customize their work with the help of features like the full-screen mode and an auto-save part.

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This website offers free lessons for all skill levels. You can choose between different picture themes or a general class. You can even learn how to write letters. The website is available on iPads, and the Apple Pencil can add a new dimension to your kids’ drawing experience. You can access the free version for three days or pay to unlock full access for the lifetime of the subscription.

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It may sound like an impossible task, but your child’s interest in drawing is natural. If you want him to learn how to draw, here are a few suggestions to get you started. Begin by teaching your child to draw expressive and symbolic pictures. Then, provide plenty of opportunities to practice the art form on his terms. You can also try a more advanced approach, such as modeling.

Beginner drawing is expressive and symbolic.

Drawing is a creative medium that offers the most significant scope for artistic expression. Drawings can demonstrate bodies, space, depth, and movement. In addition, they allow the draughtsman to express their individuality, making them one of the unique types of artistic statements. Various methods and tools are available for drawing, and there are no limitations to what you can create. You can begin by trying different techniques until you find your particular style’s most expressive and symbolic methods.

Building with small pieces

The best way to learn how to draw is to sketch. It will warm up your hands, eye, and brain. Sketching will also improve your idea generation skills. Once you have a good idea, try sketching it out and then building it. It will be a much easier process than you might think! So, how do you start? Start by sketching out a simple shape. Then, add small squares for windows and doors.

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Providing lots of opportunities to draw on their terms

If your son is six, the first step is to let him see and touch various kinds of art. Take him to museums and encourage him to talk to other artists. This will help him develop a critical mind, which will be helpful in different fields. In addition, you can set a drawing challenge for him every week. These challenges should be fun but challenging. They could be an observation of a park or school. The key is to keep the drawing sessions light and fun.

For a more comprehensive approach, try teaching him to draw using YouTube. YouTube has a wealth of drawing tutorials geared toward children and teenagers. While some children are naturally artistic, others need more inspiration and guidance. Either way, it is an excellent opportunity for your child to get a new skill. You can even help your child draw by watching a video together!

Teaching your child to draw should be fun, but respecting their opinions is essential. Letting them make mistakes is not bad if they don’t like it. Try to make drawing part of your daily routine and incorporate it into their favorite activities. It will help them develop an organic drawing habit. You can also create a drawing basket with materials that match their interests and provide them with an opportunity to explore their interests.

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A quality pencil will make all the difference. Choose one that is easy to grip and comes in a convenient zippered case. You can also use a sand or salt tray to create a messy drawing session. If you cannot purchase a high-quality pencil, consider making some yourself. In either case, the cost is minimal, but the payoff is enormous!


My six-year-old son wants to learn how to draw but is unsure about the right way to teach him. While some artists started their careers as teenagers and learned independently, some were born with the natural talent for specific disciplines. Learning the art of drawing is not for the faint-hearted. With patience and professional guidance, your son will develop his natural talent. Tell your son you are interested in his progress and ask if he has difficulty learning.

A child may not want to draw at first, and they may only sketch small objects. Please encourage your child to draw and ask questions to monitor his progress. Make it fun for him by asking questions. He will be more likely to be motivated if he feels loved and appreciated. He will also be more likely to want to draw more if you give him encouragement and support. If you are worried about his progress, you can help him develop his self-confidence by asking questions to gauge his readiness and interest in drawing.


Your six-year-old son wants to learn how to sketch, but where do you start? Hopefully, you’ll follow these simple steps to help him get started. Remember that children don’t feel the same way about art as adults do. As such, it’s best to avoid criticizing your child’s work until they understand it better. Please encourage your child to draw something he is interested in by pointing out good aspects. Remember that the main critique should be aimed at their growth and progress, not at the drawing itself.

You can start by exposing your child to as many art forms as possible. Bring your son to museums to look at different works and talk about them. This will develop a critical thinking skill that will help him in many other fields later in life. You can also set a weekly drawing challenge for him. It should be fun and challenging, such as observing a park or school scene and drawing it. Make the challenge fun and keep it light so your child will look forward to it!

First, your child should be comfortable with the idea of learning how to draw. Try to avoid placing unrealistic expectations. Drawing should be fun for your child, not something you feel pressured into doing. Besides, your child will eventually develop his taste and passion. Please encourage your child to take a risk by encouraging him to try something new. He should try something new and then give up on the idea.

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