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Free Super Bowl Printables

These free Super Bowl printables will make your table pop on February 7th

It is great to decorate with the team colors and these free printables can augment the franchise merchandise that you can buy.

Since the teams logos are strictly regulated for copyright  I chose just to use football images on pennants, tent cards, cupcake (or hot-dog) flags and labels that you can use as decorations.

Get into the spirit of Super Bowl!

Game Day Football Tablecover Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)

Free Super Bowl Printables

These cupcake flags could also be used on sandwiches. Just print them off and use a bit of tape to secure them to toothpicks. If you are making fancy drinks that have garnishes on them then you could attach them to the garnish as well or the straws that you put in the drinks. Think creatively, there are lots of places that you could use these little flags!

Orange Blue Cupcake Flags Pdf

Blue Black Cupcake Flags Pdf

Square tags can be use to decorate paper napkin rings or be put on the side of platters for color. You can also glue them to cups. Just use a simple glue stick. I have even glued paper onto glass and it sticks very well using a glue stick.

Orange Blue Tags Pdf

Blue Black Tags Pdf

Tent cards can be put on the food table to explain the menu or to describe the food. 

These are great to use if you are serving both a hot and mild chill or other spicy and non spicy foods.

I love using these when I am serving gluten free or nut free food, it is easiest to put on each tent card what the food item is and that it is gluten free or nut free. It gives people with allergies and extra peace of mind.

For my gluten free sandwich trays I can also put on a request for people to only eat them if they need a gluten free option.

These tent cards are a great way to remind people of things and to reassure them.

Orange Blue Tent Card Pdf

Blue Black Tent Card Pdf

Finally some pennants that you can either decorate with or tape to a stick to hold and wave while your team is winning. If you are really ambitious you could make a pennant banner, one for each team and have them hanging over your food table or over the television.

Orange Blue Pennant Pdf

Blue Black Pennant Pdf

Add some napkins and serving dishes in your favorite team's colors or put out yellow napkins (for penalty flags) and you will have a Super Bowl table that will have everyone cheering with these free Super Bowl Printables.