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Free Santa Labels

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These free Santa labels and stamps are a great way to make a special gift even more special!

The gift recipient will instantly be able to tell that the present is obviously from Santa in the North Pole.

Print them off and add them to any gift that you want to make stand out.

This could be charming if you added it to the wrapping of a secret Santa gift or, as I did one year, had it secretly put under the tree for the family dog with a gift inside and a note from Santa saying the dog just managed to stay on the nice list.

I show the free Santa labels here on brown wrapping paper but they would really stand out if you were to put them on white wrapping paper or red & white paper.

The three labels are on this Santa Delivery Labels pdf,

Urgent Delivery,

Express from North Pole and

Must be Delivered by December 24th.

There is a sheet of reindeer stamps on the Red Reindeer Stamp pdf

Print PDF Red Reindeer Stamps Here

When cutting out the Santa labels either cut the labels with scissors, cutting around their shapes or, using a paper cutter, cut them into squares and rectangles.

(While these look pink in the photos they are actually red, click on the pdf to see the real color).

With the round Must Be Delivered by December 24th Label I cut it out using a circle cutter but if you don't have one of these then use a round lid to draw a circle around the label and then cut carefully with scissors.

The stamps were cut out with a pair of scissors called postal that gives a great edge to them. I used a glue stick to put them on the package as too much glue will make the paper wrinkle.

Free Santa Labels

Other Ideas

By not using the Deliver before the 24th label you can send something from Santa before the big day. If you are wanting your children to have one of the popular elves that grace many homes over the Christmas season having the elf arrive in a parcel from the North Pole will certainly make it memorable.

Tuck the parcel in with the rest of your mail to make it look like it came from the postman.

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