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Free Printable Thanksgiving Place Card Leaf

Free Printable Thanksgiving Place Card Leaf is the perfect festive way to let your guests know where they should be sitting at your feast.

When a large (or even smaller) size crowd of people have that first awkward moments when they are called to the table , place cards are a great way to let everyone know where they sit.

While turkeys are the more traditional symbol of Thanksgiving autumn leaves are a beautiful and colorful way to celebrate the passing of summer.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Place Card Leaf Pdf

I always do suggest that you use card stock to print out the place cards but in a pinch you can use regular printer paper.

As a matter of fact this year my printer was jamming with the card stock ( I have no idea why and it works now) so I had to print these place card on  standard paper. I ended up cutting blank paper the same size as the place cards and doubling them up to make them a little thicker and it worked well.

Simply print off your place cards from this free pdf

Fall Leaf Place Card

Follow the folding instructions of scoring the fold lines before you cut out the place cards. You do not need to score very deeply since just a  light score will help the paper fold nicely.

I brought in some extra color on the table by mimicking the color of the place card leaves with loose silk autumn leaves that I had bought from the dollar store. A green leaf salad plate continued the fall theme on the table.

I did an extraordinarily lazy table arrangement by placing a group of gourds in a low glass dish. This is a very fast, easy cheap table arrangement and it can be made weeks ahead of time and used as a coffee table decoration before you need to use it on the Thanksgiving table.

Gourds usually can be bought at pumpkin stands, farmers markets and even the grocery store. Make sure that you pick out a variety of shapes and colors to really make your centerpiece pop. 

The free printable Thanksgiving place card leaf is a simple yet elegant addition to your table. 

If you are having a buffet and want to make what each dish is you can use different place cards to do  that. Above is the two turkey places that I have designed that you can print out.