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Free Printable Thank You Card

free printable thank you cards

This Free Printable Thank You Card is perfect to have on hand when you want to let someone know that you are grateful for an item or service they did for you.

Did you're co-worker put in an extra hour so you could have all the information you needed for an upcoming project? Did your hairdresser manage to squeeze you in before you were off to a last minute romantic getaway? 

When people go above and beyond for you it is only proper that you thank them somehow. It could be a tip but if it a friend or co-worker then a little something is better.

Be it flowers, some candy, a novel that you think they would like or some other little treat, who doesn't like getting an unexpected small gift.

Put this Thank You note on it and they will instantly know why they got the gift and they will be more willing in the future to continue to help you out!

Free Printable Thank You Card PDF

There are three little thank you notes on the sheet measuring  a little less than 3 ¾inches by 2 ¾ inches when they are folded.

As I always suggest with my free printable cards you should use card stock to print them off. Regular paper will work but it just doesn't have the same feel as the card stock.

Since the design on this is just black ink you could run it through a black and white printer, only the logo design on the back of the card has any color in it.

Free Printable Thank You Card Pdf

I think that you will get a better card in the end if you cut the cards with a paper cutter. If you don't have access to a paper cutter then take your time and cut them out with a good pair of paper scissor.

Once they are cut out you are going to score the dashed line (use a dull edge to press down on the scored line) before you fold the card.

This are simple to pull together and very convenient to have around. You might want to keep a few at the office and if you are always needing to thank people then maybe a few tucked in your purse as well.

What other little gifts can you give as thank yous? A small bottle of champagne with a bow and a straw is chic and fun and will get a laugh out of anyone that you give it too. 

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