Free Printable Greeting Cards and Tags

To be able to have a stash of cards and tags available from any occasion from your nephews birthday to a thank you note to your boss makes you look socially savvy. It's better to give a great card on the moment then a cheap gift. Be the clever one that always has the right card for the right occasion!

They are a ideal way to acknowledge a birthday or other landmark occasion especially if it is for someone you are friendly with but not on a gift giving level. People will always remember how you made them feel and a card for any occasions lets them know that you are thinking of them!

Christmas Tags

The tag on the right is part of the series of Christmas papers that include an Envelope from Santa and a Letter from Santa. Having your gift topped with the same image is perfect!

The tag on the striped paper is coming this week!

Enclosure Cards

Enclosure cards, the small cards that you add to wine, flowers, chocolates and other small gifts are a sophisticates necessity. 

Having a variety of these on hand is perfect (you want your host to remember that it was you that gave them that great bottle of champagne) so you can quickly slip one on your gift. There is nothing more frustrating as a hostess then not knowing who gave you what.

Enclosure cards can be used instead of greeting cards if it is just a small gift. 

I love putting Thank You cards on the small things I give people to let them know that I appreciate them. From my dog groomer who lets me drop off my pup early or a neighbor that cleared the snow off my walk way. For the Free Printable Thank You Card go here.

My Enjoy card is another enclosure card that is great for tucking into gifts. It's the perfect card for when you don't know what to say. If the person is not happy about having a birthday, if they have had a bad day at work, then just saying Enjoy hits the right mood.  The Free Printable Enjoy card is here.

Mother's Day, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You and More

It's the sentiment inside the card that designates it.  So I've given you a choice of what to put on the inside! I am designing a series of flower cards starting with this pretty Peony Card! For the Free Printable Peony Card shown above go here. This is a lovely card that is suitable for so many different occasions! 

For the free printable Greeting Card Inserts go HERE.

I have a variety of inserts ranging from Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You, Happy Mother's Day and more.

These fit in any of my note cards so you can custom make the perfect card that you need!

For this Free Printable Rose Card go here. This would be lovely for a Sweet Sixteen Birthday, Mother's Day, Get Well Soon and more.

For the free Printable Lily of the Valley Card go here.

Inexpensive Greeting Card Ideas
Birthday Cards

Birthday cards are probably the card that you will be giving the most. It's when you find out a co-worker's birthday is coming up or you're having coffee with a friend on her birthday you will want to give a card.

Here is a bright, cheerful Free Printable Happy Birthday Card that is appropriate for all age groups and big enough for a group to sign. Perfect for when you need a card at the last minute.

For birthdays it is good to have a mix of cards that just say "Happy Birthday" with the inside sentiment being happy and casual, such as, "I hope you enjoy your day."

Make up these super quick Number Birthday Cards that are perfect for the under 10 set. Kid's love seeing their birthday numbers.  These are ideal if you have a large group of kids to give to (such as a classroom or play group.)

More Cards From Your Printer

If you have a computer with a color printer you have the ability to print off your own cards. If you have the time you can design your own but it is easier to find free printables that you like and use those.

I love designing cards and have a variety of cards for holidays and events that are easy to print off and range from vintage styles to modern for all different occasions.

From my former antique business I also have printable antique post cards that I have adapted that you can use as gift tags or enclosure cards. 

Free Printable Valentine Cards Series

Join my Pinterest Board Projects - Printable Cards for free printable Birthday cards, Thank You Cards, Valentine, Easter and Christmas Cards. These are the best the we have been finding on the internet and they are all free and ready to print!

Follow More Style Than Cash's board Projects - Printable Cards Group Board on Pinterest.

Inexpensive Greeting Card Ideas
Making Your Own Cards

There are hundreds of sites on the internet that can show you how to make your own greeting cards. 

The types of cards you can make are only limited by your imagination. For anyone who enjoys drawing, doodling  or photography, card making can be great and your hobby can turn into your product line as you make it into a business. But if your not that ambitious card making makes a great hobby.

People are intrigued by the unusual, like these Easter Egg Dye Note Cards . Beautiful to look at they are made from left over dye after you have colored your Easter eggs, but if you love the look then you can make up small batches of dye just to do this project!

How to find inexpensive store bought cards

Name brand card shops are the worst place to buy cards financially. While they are well organized and extensive the cost is outrages for what is basically a folded piece of card stock with a picture on the outside and a sentiment on the inside.

There are other places that you can start looking. I love quickly browsing through the cards at dollar stores, it is hit or miss but I always find the the dollar store that are not chain stores have a better variety and more unusual cards.

Family run bargain store and liquidation stores also often have a few racks of cards that are worth looking over. They are also more likely to put their cards on sale after the major holidays so you can stock up for next year. These can be great to buy Christmas Cards in January and February. (For other great places to shop read my guide to Best Inexpensive Shopping)

Gift stores that don't usually carry greeting cards can sometimes  have box set of blank cards on sale. 

As far as inexpensive greeting card ideas go blank cards can be one of the best buys you can find. They can be used for any occasion by either writing in an appropriate greeting or do as they do with the fancy-schmancy cards and add an insert. 

Keeping Your Greeting Cards All Organized

Once you have your inexpensive greeting card ideas stash you need to organize it so it is convenient and you can access it at the spur of the moment. There would be nothing worse that to go to all that effort and then have your cards jammed in a drawer getting wrinkled and dirty and having to sort through them all until you find the most appropriate one.

People will always remember you for how you make them feel so in their cards write something that is personal, how their smile lights up a room or how their humor is wonderfully deviant. Acknowledge something about them that makes them unique. 

Inexpensive Greeting Card Ideas!

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