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Free Printable Enjoy Card

This Free Printable Enjoy Card is perfect to slip in to a treat that you are giving someone as a gift. Be it a hostess gift of a bottle of wine, chocolates, some of your home made goodies or flowers from the garden, this card is perfect for them all.

When you are not sure what sentiment to give someone then the simple word Enjoy can cover it all. They are not happy that they are having another birthday? Then fine, Enjoy doesn't mention their birthday at all.

They've had a bad day at work and you want to give them a little pick me up? Again, the word Enjoy lets them know that you are thinking about them without getting into the details.

This is my all purpose little card that I put on the flowers from my garden that I give as gifts and when I send people other little treats.

Free Printable Enjoy Card PDF

There are three little Enjoy notes on the sheet measuring  a little less than 3 ¾inches by 2 ¾ inches when they are folded.

Card stock is the paper that I always suggest to print off any of my cards since it is a thick weight and gives a nicer finish. You would be surprised how many people notice the type of paper that they handle, and while you could use regular printer paper it does look so much nicer with card stock.

There is a bit of color in this card on the back logo but you could still run this through a black and white printer with it looking great.

Free Printable Enjoy Card Pdf

I like cutting my cards with a proper paper cutter but if you don't have access to one make sure that the scissors that you are using are sharp. It is best to have one pair of scissors in your household that you dedicate strictly to paper cutting so that they will always be sharp and ready to use.

The trick to get a good cut with your scissors is to make very long cuts, starting with the scissor open wide and the paper placed right to the back of the scissors. That way you will only do a few cuts and won't have any jagged edges where you would be replacing the scissors to cut again.

Score the dashed line of the card with a dull edge like a letter opener, knitting needle or dull edge of a butter knife. This will help you get a clean crisp fold.

As with the small Free Printable Thank You Cards (see them HERE) you could print of several and have them handy before you actually need them. It so often happens that you need a little card like this at the spur of the moment and it would be perfect if you already had them printed off, cut and folded.

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