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Free Printable Black and White Gift Tags

Free Printable black and white gift tags that you can easily make on you own home or office printer. These are especially great to print off when you suddenly need a bunch of tags for office gifts or a group of gifts at school or church. Since they only use black ink they are ideal to make in a hurry on a simple printer. 

Free Printable Black and White Gift Tags Pdfs

Simply choose the tag that you like and go to the Pdf of that tag, you can print them from the Pdf or download the Pdf onto your own computer so you will always have it available.

Question Mark Gift Tag

A Question Mark gift tag is perfect for a gift that someone wasn't expecting... or even for a gift that they were expecting. Isn't that the point of wrapping a gift? Making them wonder what could possibly be inside?

Stylish and simple this gift tag looks great teamed up with this Free Printable Zig-Zag Gift Wrap

If you just can't get enough of Question Marks then why not use one of the great Free Printable Question Mark Gift Wraps?

Free Printable Enjoy Gift Tag

The gift tag Enjoy builds excitement to find out what is inside. Obviously it won't be something dreary and practical! A fun gift tag that lets the person know that you really want them to feel happy about what you are giving them.

This tag is shown on the Free Printable Alternative Stripes Gift Wrap

Free Enjoy Gift Tag Pdf

If you like the idea of using Enjoy but want a small card instead then print off this Free Printable Enjoy Card.

XOXO Gift Tag

XOXO has meant hugs and kisses all the way back to the middle ages! This is a great tag to use for someone who doesn't like fussy symbols of affections but you want them to know how much you care!

Pair is up with this great Free Printable Polka Dot Wrapping Paper!

I have also designed these bold look XOXO Valentine Day cards that are appropriate year round. Printable Valentine Cards

For You! Gift Tag

Ok, so it might seem a bit obvious that if you are handing someone a gift that it is for them, but  putting a For You! tag on their present lets them know that they are special!

Placed on the sleek modern striped paper it has a clean simple look to it. Free Printable Striped Gift Wrap

Free printable black and white gift tags. Print them off before you need them and always be prepared for any gift giving emergency!