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Free Letter From Santa

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I have designed this free letter from Santa printable so your child knows that it is from the big guy himself.

A letter from Santa is such an exciting thing to happen for a child before the holidays.

This free printable starts with the envelope and is easy to print off and put together. All you need is a color printer and a glue stick. I have also included a letter that you can print off or, of course, you can add your own letter.

The envelope has a postage stamp of Santa, a date stamp of December, a return address and an air mail stamp of a reindeer

Free Letter from Santa Looks Authentic

I tried to make this Santa letter as authentic as possible. You can see all the detail from this close up.

I used a vintage Santa image on a profile as old stamps tend to have profile images. The reindeer in the Air Mail stamp even has a red nose.

Print off this PDF.  

Free Printable Envelope PDF 

To put the envelope together cut along the dark lines. On the dotted lines score with a bone folder or a dull blade like a butter knife making sure you do not press through the paper.

Fold the envelope on the scored lines and glue together on the back being very careful that you do not glue the envelope together.

Make sure that the glue is all dry before you put your letter inside.

I also am including a written out letter from Santa that you can pop into the envelope.

You can always add a hand written greeting at the top of the letter and a hand written P.S. at the bottom of the letter to personalize it even more.

Santa Letter PDF

Or you can also write out your own letter on this blank page. Either hand write a message for you child or print it out on your computer.

Santa Letter Blank PDF

Think about how you want your children to receive their letters from Santa. You could include them with your daily mail and mention it with great surprise that the children have also got mail or you could prop it up beside their dinner plate explaining that it came in the mail for them.

It's the little things that children notice so make sure that you give them their mail on days that mail actually comes to your home (no Sunday deliveries.)

Sending your children free letter from Santa is a fast fun and easy project that will really bring Christmas alive for them.