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Food Plating Ideas Glassware

Food plating ideas! Glassware is a great to use in a variety of ways to really make what you own do double and triple duty. Caterers and restaurants are masters about restyling simple plate ware and glass ware to make them seem unique and unusual. 

Magazines might be showing you the latest and greatest tableware year after year but you don't need cupboards full of fancy stuff to make your food look great. Use what you have and re-style it.

Here is one glass with 9 styling secrets that you can use

Food Plating Ideas Glassware - Nine Great Ideas

Crudites - Vegetables Glass

You need to eat your veggies and this is a great way to present them.

The green disk under the glass is just a piece of colored paper that was cut in a circle. It adds a bit more color to the presentation.

This is an old trick that casual restaurants used to brighten up the table. Fine restaurants use to set some courses out on very high quality white paper napkins.

Here the veggies are cut in strips and set into the glass that has a bit of dip on the bottom. 

Shrimp cocktail

Specialty glasses can be pricey and take up a lot of space in your cupboards .

Serving a shrimp cocktail is a traditional and elegant way to start a meal.

The specialty glasses have an inner bowl that is set in a glass that is filled with chipped ice.  

In this food presenting in glass picture I used an inexpensive shot glass and set it in our larger glass that has been filled with small ice-cubes, filled the shot glass with some seafood sauce and place the shrimp in .

Snack Glass

When you have a variety of flavorings or condiments that you want to serve with your meal then putting them all in the same glasses gives a polished look to the setting.

Here I set out sour cream and red and green salsas with a tray of nacho chips. Everything is confined and easy to serve.

Ice-cream Parfait

Even the simplest glass can look amazing when something yummy is in it.

This ice cream parfait is just layers of ice cream and syrup with chopped nuts on top and two chocolate finger cookies set on an angle.

This sort of dessert can either be high end or casual depending on the type of ice cream and cookies that you use. When food presenting in glass you can have the same idea with slightly different ingredients and make it look totally different.

Hot Toddy 

This glass is thick enough that you can serve hot drinks in it. A hot toddy on a cold night is a wonderful way to relax. The rim of the glass was decorated with sugar. (You do this by dipping the rim in a plate of lemon juice and then dipping it in a plate of sugar and letting it harden.)

A plain white cloth napkin was folded on the diagonal and tied to the glass. There is a bartender's trick of placing a spoon in the empty glass before pouring the hot liquid in so the glass doesn't crack from the heat.

Never use a cold glass to pour hot liquids in as it might break, the glass should at least be room temperature or warmer. This luscious toddy was finished with a dollop of whipped cream.


On hot summer days a cold soup is a perfect way to start a meal.

This is a store bought roast sweet pepper and tomato soup that has been garnished with some chives from the garden. When food presenting in glass think of little extras that you can add to make it really pop.

The wide brim of this glass makes it a great little soup bowl, the perfect size as a starter.

Fruit Cocktail 

This is a great way to start your morning or a healthy way to have something just a little bit sweet to finish up a meal.

I used a melon baller to make little balls of honeydew melon but chopping them in squares would look just as nice.

Some cut up strawberries and a sprinkling of blueberries makes a very simple fruit salad look wonderful.

Bar Service 

You might need a few extra items on your bar for your guests to help themselves.

If it is just you and your honey then you don't need a large ice-bucket to freshen up your drinks. This glass is the perfect size. You can also filled the glasses with bar nibbles like peanuts or pretzel sticks.


A drink glass should look great with a drink, right?

Restaurants like to add their own signature garnishes to even the simplest cocktails and mocktails. In restaurants they would use plastic cocktail picks but you can look for interesting stainless steel cocktail picks on clearance at home-ware sales.

The garnish should match the drink so if the drink is sweet, the garnish should be as well. Typical fruit garnishes include lemon slices, cherries, and berries but anything that you can fit on a cocktail pick that looks nice would be suitable.

I love this glass because it is so versatile and I find my self reaching for it again and again.

If you look at your glasses with new eyes you will be surprised at the ideas and uses you can come up with for food presenting in glass.