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Flower Arranging with Flower Frogs

Flower arranging with flower frogs is an easy way to make great flower arrangements. Flower frogs are a wonderful flower arranging tool that are easy to find in antique shops and antique malls. 

Modern florist use floral foam, a spongy type substance that retains water and is porous enough to push flower stems into but it can become pricey to use this at home since they are a one time use only product.

Flower frogs are made from metal, glass and ceramic and can be used indefinitely.  While they might look a little complicated they are very easy to use.

Flower Arranging with Flower Frogs -
The different types

Depending on the types of flowers that you like to use different styles of frogs could be more suitable. You can start buying a selection of flower frogs that can fit in different containers that you own.  This is just a small sample of the types of flower frogs you can find.

You will find after a while that you will have a favorite that you tend to use over and over again. 

Many people prefer the glass frogs as they are invisible when you use them in glass contains and easy to keep clean.

My favorite frog is this metal one since it is very heavy and the openings are very large so I can use thick stemmed flowers with it. 

The downside to this type of frog is that the metal gets slick with the bacteria from the flowers and I have to scrub it well with soap and bleach in-between uses.

Because of its size and weight I can use it in a variety of contains. The flowers I cut for it are almost at the same length and by placing them into the random openings of the frog I get a nice round table arrangement. 

Here I used it with short light chrysanthemums in a small green glass bowl.

In the bottom of this huge punch bowl the same frog looks tiny but it is strong enough and heavy enough for me to make a large arrangement of lilacs.

This glass frog fits on top of a glass container. This makes flower arranging very easy. 

The flowers in the middle I cut longer so there is more height to the arrangement. While this arrangement is very full you don't have to use every hole in the flower frog.

Using the same glass flower frog I made an arrangement using just 6 stems of peonies and a few leaves. The great thing about flower arranging with flower frogs is that you have a range of options of what to do with them.

The stems used in this arrangement were all about the same length except the flower in the middle which was considerably longer and made the arrangement look more lush and full.

Even the smallest flower frog can give you big impact. 

 I placed 6 large headed spider chrysanthemums in this small silver flower frog for a lovely fall arrangement.

If you have a more delicate or expensive container that you want to use a flower frog in then you might want to place a piece of folded cloth on the bottom of the container.

I used this flower frog to make an arrangement from a $15 bouquet of store bought flower. I didn't want to use a heavy frog as the container is silver as I didn't want to risk scratching the interior.

A I mentioned earlier there are many different types of flower frogs including the ones that look like small beds of nails. I have never used these because they are meant for vase arrangements and I prefer a less formal look when arranging flowers in a vase but they might be ideal for you.

Practice and have fun with flower arranging with flower frogs and remember an arrangement doesn't have to be perfect to look lovely.