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Make a Fall Flower Center Piece

Make a fall flower center piece to have some glorious autumn color in your home. 

 I used Straw Flowers (that are also known as Everlasting Flowers while their botanical name is helichrysums) and statice that I bought at my local farmers market. I bought two bunches for $7 and I also added Dusty Miller leaves that were still in my fall garden as extra foliage.

If you don't have a farmers market near by you can check out to see what you local florist might have in stock that is in these fall colors of yellows, oranges, dark rose and other colors that the leaves are in this time of year. 

Strawflowers, Statice and Dusty Miller are all extraordinarily easy flowers to grow in a cut flower garden. From seeds you would start them indoors 6 weeks before the last frost and then you would harden them off before planting them in your garden.

If you are planning a huge fall party, event or wedding and want lots of easy arrangements then these would be perfect. 

Since I was making a single arrangement I skipped the Oasis and used one of my flower frogs, you can follow the same instructions if you want to start with Oasis. 

(Oasis Floral Foam Bricks are foam bricks that you soak for several hours and then make arrangements in, it will hold the flowers in place.)

You can read more about Flower Frogs HERE.

How to Make a Fall Flower Center Piece

If you don't have a flower frog or Oasis to use then make a grid on top of the container with scotch tape. Make sure the grid is on the larger size so you will be able to place lots of flowers in each section.

Cut the first flower the height you want the arrangement to be and place in the middle. Cutting flowers or foliage a similar height place to the sides so you will start the outline of a round arrangement. 

You will be filling in the areas of the grid with roughly the same length flowers so you will start to get a rounded design. If it looks a bit lumpy then squint your eyes to see where you need longer or shorter flowers. I added the Dusty Miller leaves to give a lush fullness.

Continue to look at both the front and the back of the arrangement so you won't have any "holes" in it. Here you can see that there are gaps that need to be filled and that the yellow flower on top is too tall and needs to be cut back.

The finished center piece has a rounded shape to it and is quite full.

This cheerful little arrangement could be used as the centerpiece for a  dinner or placed anywhere around the house that you would like to add a bit of fall color.

If you decide to make this fall flower center piece with dried flowers you will need about 50% more flowers as the leaves of the Straw Flowers become brittle and break off. The color will also be more muted than the vibrant color you have when they are fresh. Dried Dusty Miller has almost the same color fresh or dried and is still a good choice to use in this arrangement.

I love having fall flowers through out my house as  they add a spot of bright color to the autumn days.

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