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Envelope Napkin Fold

An Envelope Napkin Fold. Here is an amusing way to fold your table napkins for any award type dinner or for Father's Day when you don't want anything dainty.

While having a butler's pantry full of dish set could be fun most of us don't have the room, an interesting napkin fold is an easy way to change up your regular place setting. Change the color of your table cloth and voilĂ , you have a unique table setting.  

A stack of these folded napkins on the buffet table would look great or placed on the top of a plate as shown here.

The folding of this napkin is simple and fast to do and has a small embellishment to finish it off. Set on a gold rimmed plate it looks positively regal.

You could place small cards inside with questions for your guests, depending on the theme if it is for a sports award dinner it could be sports trivia questions, if for the Academy Awards it could be film trivia and if it is for Father's Day you could have questions about the man of the hour.

Envelope Napkin Fold Tutorial

It is best to use a plain white paper dinner napkin that has no pattern on it. 

Open the napkin up one fold so there are two sections showing. Fold your napkin one inch in on the raw edge.

At the top fold one side on a 45 degree angle slightly past the middle point. 

Fold the second side on a 45 degree angle catching the top of the other fold. You want the tip of the envelope to be folded.

Fold the bottom of the napkin up a third.

Fold the top down a third. You might have to fiddle with the dimensions to make this look right

Cut a piece of red ribbon about 4 1/2  inches long. Cut the ends on an angle. 

Finger press it or iron it as shown.

Place it on the flap of the envelope napkin and cover it with a gold seal.

Place it on the plate. This is such a simple napkin fold that looks great!

Your Envelope Napkin fold could be wonderful on any awards night, such a student awards for your children. You could pair it with the Printable Award Statue.

Use that printable statue either as a table decoration or as the place card setting, there is enough room at the bottom to write an name. This would look great either done in script or printed from your computer and glued on.

A simple napkin fold that can make your event special.