Emergency Christmas Kit Printable

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 Why an Emergency Christmas Kit?  Because there always seems to be something going on at Christmas that is a mini emergency.

Nip that problem in the bud by making a kit for yourself or someone who you know will really need it.

Does you sister-in-law always do an amazing job for Christmas dinner but is a little frazzles by the end? Do you have a co-worker that is always trying to smooth things over during the holiday season so everyone is having a good time?

We all know (or are those people) that go above and beyond during the Christmas Season. Why not make up this label for them and fill a box of items that you know would be helpful during their emergencies. 

And what could those items be? (Hehehe) Read on for some great ideas.

Emergency Christmas Kit PDF's

I made these labels in two sizes depending on the box that you want to fill. The Large Emegency Christmas kit.pdf is about 9 1/2 inches by 6 inches with a large border. 

Large Emergency Kit PDF

The small emergency Christmas kit.pdf  is about 8 1/2 by 5 with a narrow border. There is two images on the sheet. You can make the labels larger by giving them larger boarders when you cut them out.

Small Emergency Kit PDF

You might want to gather up the items that you are putting in the box first to see how large of a box that you will be needing. You can buy boxes at party supply stores and office supply stores.

If you have a suitable box but it has some printing on the outside consider carefully pulling the box apart and reassemble it inside out so all the printing will be on the inside. This works particularly well with courier boxes.

What to put in your box?

Depends on if you are being practical, kind..... or mischievous.

If you are being practical then it might be filled with extra light bulbs for their Christmas lights, an extension chord,  good quality bonding glue, stain remover, an extra pair of nylons, and some mittens.

If you are being kind then you could fill it with a DVD, a book, chocolates, naturally scented soy candle, and other indulgences.

If you are being mischievous then put a bottle of liquor inside and a pair of ear plugs.

You know what the person would really enjoy and what they would find humorous so go for it.

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